Annyeong dear guests!

You have now entered the K- World through the eyes of two girls from Europe. This is currently the birth of the baby we’re going to raise, so this is the start of the journey!! We’re so excited! A little secret that we haven’t told you as well is that you have also joined the world of randomness that is – us…. (But that’s a secret you’ll never know) Now back to the stuff that you CAN know… We will mostly post stuff about K-dramas and Kpop – some news too if we feel like there is something to discuss or comment, but mostly reviews. Aigooo you’re in for a treat, ey? [DazzlingSnowfall] will mostly post about Kdramas, and [SoulfulStardust] will have Kpop as her main area. But you need to remember, we’re the Kbloggers that represent SWAG – that is- hardcore Aeg-YO! But since it doesn’t work with the real aegyo… we’ve scrambled it >.<              ~ [DazzlingSnowfall & SoulfulStardust]