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What’up! First solo post here we go~

Continuing the whining of DazzlingSnowFall over here, we could really use a Seung Jo right now.. not because we’re as stupid as Oh Ha Ni… but just for the heck of it 😛
No disregards to HaNi though, she’s too adorkable ❤

Apart from that, as DSF (Now.. Now.. Don’t think of express mail services ;P) mentioned earlier, we’re admidst crisis!! I know my definition is slightly.. just slightly.. different, but it’s always better to blow things out of proportions for your own  good, right? 😛
Tomorrow is the d-day for our first exam, and I totally understand that spacing out condition once you’re stressed. HAHA.. You’ll sit there and look into the air, and then feel like hitting yourself once there’s not enough time to prepare. Woah see that? My genius skills of creating a poem unintentionally and out of nowhere ;P
At least we got the guts to admit it, you know what I mean? We’re (almost) proud procrastinators 8D, yet it’s all good and we’re gonna be okay 🙂

Anyway.. I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there rubbing their heads and preparing for the disaster.. I mean.. Evaluation period.. haha Let’s do our best!

Here’s a word of advice: “Either we control our actions, or our actions will control us”

*And a shining song from the both of us~

Good Luck folks! Kick some study ass 😉





Aha aha aha *sobbing* aha aha aha *sobbing continues…*

Actually it sounds more like whining than sobbing… oh well!

The exam period has officially started… I don’t know about u guys, but I do less when I’m stressed! I have all these things I have to do, but I end up doing nothing. Eotteoke??? If only I could cry all my worries awaaay!!! I would have all these tears that I would push down the drain and let them enter the sea….IF ONLY!! (I need to stop using subjunctive moods which make me end up with unreal conditionals!!!) AAAH!! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU WHEN YOU DECIDE TO STUDY ENGLISH GRAMMAR!! Aigooo… nae insaeng Cham!!

BYONG ~ DazzlingSnowfall

Ojakgyo Drrrama!

So I’m currently watching the drama Ojakgyo brothers and I must say – it has some drrraaama (high picthed voice while saying drraaamaa). I usually don’t watch family dramas. I DO love them, but mostly there’s just tooooo many episodes and I just lose the will to follow a drama for so long. I have no idea what came over me when I decided to watch Ojakgyo brothers, but I’m happy as HECK! It’s obviously not the best drama, but it’s a lot of fun. Hmm who knows, maybe I’ll follow this drama till the end!! Ah, and Joo Won is definitely getting on my good side. He was really testing my patience in Bakerking Kim Tak Goo!!! Andweneundeee (got 4men’s andweneunde on my heeaaad) excuse my randomness… SWAG

peace out ~DazzlingSnowfall