Ojakgyo Drrrama!

So I’m currently watching the drama Ojakgyo brothers and I must say – it has some drrraaama (high picthed voice while saying drraaamaa). I usually don’t watch family dramas. I DO love them, but mostly there’s just tooooo many episodes and I just lose the will to follow a drama for so long. I have no idea what came over me when I decided to watch Ojakgyo brothers, but I’m happy as HECK! It’s obviously not the best drama, but it’s a lot of fun. Hmm who knows, maybe I’ll follow this drama till the end!! Ah, and Joo Won is definitely getting on my good side. He was really testing my patience in Bakerking Kim Tak Goo!!! Andweneundeee (got 4men’s andweneunde on my heeaaad) excuse my randomness… SWAG

peace out ~DazzlingSnowfall


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