Aha aha aha *sobbing* aha aha aha *sobbing continues…*

Actually it sounds more like whining than sobbing… oh well!

The exam period has officially started… I don’t know about u guys, but I do less when I’m stressed! I have all these things I have to do, but I end up doing nothing. Eotteoke??? If only I could cry all my worries awaaay!!! I would have all these tears that I would push down the drain and let them enter the sea….IF ONLY!! (I need to stop using subjunctive moods which make me end up with unreal conditionals!!!) AAAH!! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU WHEN YOU DECIDE TO STUDY ENGLISH GRAMMAR!! Aigooo… nae insaeng Cham!!

BYONG ~ DazzlingSnowfall


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