Music Meme : Day 01

Firstly, my banner became really pink for some reason. I was sleepy and tired, ok?
Don’t you know how hardcore pink is? ❤ xP

I’ll be referring to my “challenge” as the music meme, because generally people tag it that way, so I suppose it’s easier to relate to.


This question in itself is really difficult. First of all, it’s very hard to narrow down to one single song, because you tend to like a few as your favorites.

Anyway, since I have to jump into it anyway.. I will go with “Asu wa kuru kara“/”Tomorrow will surely come” by DB5K.

I know it’s Japanese, but that’s just how it is :P.. I really like this song because of the lyrics. When I first heard this song, I was really amazed how someone would write this and make it go together this way. Gibberish I know.. Hmm it’s hard to explain, and even if you translated it into English, it would not have the same effect that it does in Japanese. Know what I mean? The phrasing and structure is just different, and hence it’s not just any song by a popular Kpop group.

My favorite part is the bridge at 2:37-3:00.

So then my cassie bros and sisters,  “Always keep the faith”, because you know.. Tomorrow will surely come.

G’ Night!
– Soulful Stardust


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