Day 12~*Can I tell you what it’s about?*


Answer: 49 DAYS

I think I would dare to say that the drama ’49 days’ has my favorite story. I remember when I was sitting in class last spring and this girl was like…”what are you watching O.O” I was like “oh, it’s only a korean drama….wait!! Can I tell you what it’s about?” …Yeah, I  pretty much said that to ANYONE who was near me for the period of time that I was watching it. The story was so fresh and intriguing. It was something out of the ordinary. I especially loved the concept with the necklace and the three tears. Ah. Just extraordinary. But I wont go into detail for the ones that haven’t seen it. Just…Beautiful. It also made me think of life in general. I hated the ending though, but Soulful stardust liked it, so I guess it depends on what you like, but the story in itself? Marvelous!

What would you do if you only had 49 days to save your own life?

Dazzling Snowfall ~


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