Day 15~*I was just so happy*



I’m not sure if this is my favorite ending, but it sure is an ending I clearly remember to be good.

A good ending in my opinion is an ending that makes you feel content. An ending that puts all the loose strings together and gives you a peace of mind. That’s what Boys over flowers did for me. I loved how Goo Jun Pyo proposed and how the whole F4 came at the very end, and they were just looking at the sea together Ah, I was just so happy and I felt full! If you know what I mean 😛 Like everything was at its right place! And I didn’t need anything else. I didn’t need a wedding or to see them have kids. Everything was just beautiful as it was. A great ending 😀

And sorry I couldn’t post yesterday! According to the person that shall not be named

I was having a date with my boyfriend (-.-)’

Dazzling Snowfall~


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