Day 19~ *O.M.G*


Answer: waaaait for iiit….!

Are you waiting? Aigoo you’re really patient, ey? Jk.

The same way that I don’t have a private airplane or a gorgeous white Range Rover, a favorite actor is something I don’t have either. But I have to answer anyway, right? There are many good actors out there and if I had to choose I’m sure there would be too many. So I have decided to give the spotlight to someone who really has impressed me lately!

In a recent post I talked about how I was going to watch Sungkyunkwan scandal. It’s a drama I’ve put off since the day it started airing. It’s also a drama I have started more than three times, but I never got the right motivation. That being said, I have watched it now and I must say, Micky has really impressed me. I always get half nervous when an idol wants to start acting cause sometimes it’s not always for the better, but in this case; it was 😉 So props to him!

But what really makes me want to give him my attention is because of the currently airing drama Rooftop prince that he’s in. My oh my. I promised myself to wait until the drama had finished airing, but I was just toooo impatient. What can I say? His performance is BREATHTAKING! Absolutely OUTSTANDING! I started watching it last night and it got to the point where I had to bite my blanket so that I wouldn’t wake anyone up! O.M.G. Yes, I said it! O.M.G!! Hilarious!

Earned my respect? Oh HECK to the yes!

Dazzling Snowfall~


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