Day 20~ *Woop woop*



Biased? Nooooooo (hihi)

Lee Si Young is my favorite female lead and now she just HAPPENS to be the best actress I’ve seen. I’m sure she’s not, but hey, do you really expect me to go hunting for the greatest actress from all the COUNTLESS dramas I’ve watched? Gosh, I hope not 😛

She plays well and she really makes me forget that I’m watching a drama. It is as if I’m actually having a look into her life and not everyone can do that. She has the quality that any good actress/actor should have. Don’t play the part; become the part!

I love her 180 degrees change from Playful kiss to Wild romance. AND most importantly, she makes me laugh! Woop woop 😀

Nuff’ said!

Dazzling Snowfall ~


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