Day 25~ *Eomma, komawo*


Answer: DAE JANG GEUM (2003)


Dae Jang Geum is a classic korean period drama from 2003. How did this drama end up being my first kdrama? Ask my mama…

Yup, the beautiful woman who carried me in her stomach for 270 days ended up introducing me to kdramas. I remember her being so hooked on it. I would be like…”mom…can I…”. And she’d abruptly tell me to shoosh and not interrupt because she couldn’t hear what they were saying. I’d be like….”Mom…what tha heck?!”

She also introduced me to my second and third drama. Haha, I remember the time when she was watching A sad love story (2005). There was this day where she had to go somewhere and she was like…”Don’t forget to watch my show cause I won’t be here, and I don’t want to miss out!” I remember thinking…..”What’s the point….I can’t understand anything anyway!” I tried to describe the scenario as vividly as possible when she came back though:

“So the guy with the suit looked mad. The girl with the long hair cried. The other guy drove the car really fast….” . Yes, as vividly as possible! O.O

Anyway, Dae Jang Geum jjang!! It’s a really good drama, and I’m not being biased cause it’s my first drama. It really is good. And to my mom: Eomma, komawo! Na ije hangukmal jalhae! Watching kdramas with or without sub is no problemo. So I can watch any drama for you now, mommy 😛

What’s your first kdrama?

[Dazzling Snowfall] ~


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