Day 29 ~ *Happiness*



There are literally countless of dramas that make me happy. I mean, why wouldn’t there be? There are sooo many happy dramas out there, so you’re bound to fall in love and smile with some of them – if not many of them 😛

In this case I chose Creating destiny because I didn’t want to go for the obvious dramas that everyone knows of. I wanted to promote a little, while I was giving an answer. It’s called killing two birds with one stone. Now watch and learn…

Creating destiny makes me happy because the storyline is soooooo INNOCENT. Oh my goodness, like you wouldn’t believe it. This is the kind of drama that you can watch with your brain completely dead. Like you don’t even have to make the slightest effort. The drama is so cute and lovey dovey you’ll just die! And if you haven’t heard of this drama or seen it – I am officially recommending it to you right now! It’s one of the most peaceful dramas that I know of. Not many annoying people or third wheel characters. Just peace and love. Ah, just thinking about it makes me happy 😀

So how was it peeps? How was my “killing two birds with one stone?” Did I promote the drama well while I was giving a good answer? >.<

Happiness ❤

[Dazzling Snowfall] ~


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