Music Meme : Day 29

I am late! Sorry :/..
I also screwed up with the video link on day 28 ahahaha XD I was using wordpress on my tablet for the first time 😀


There are quite a few songs from my childhood :O.. Which one to picckkk?
Somehow I ended up on Card Captor Sakura. Waaah how nostalgic!
I used to love CCS songs when I was little, and I couldn’t even understand what they were singing back then. Which really makes me feel grateful towards my parents, because they introduced us to anime xD. Although… I sometimes think it was something inevitable anyway.

It was my sister, however, who introduced me to CCS. I was always amazed how detailed and pretty CLAMP (the authors) drawings were. How good the voice actresses and actors had been, and how nice the OST sounded. This was probably one of the newer and more thought-out Shoujo series.

Haha.. I remember how I would have to occasionally stop the video to read the subtitles if they were too long, and then play it again. Now… I hardly glance over them.

This is one of my favorite songs from the series. The lyrics are so sweet.

Tooi Kono Machi de (Far Away in this Town) by Kaiya Naomi (CC Sakura Movie OST) 

Sakura and Syaoran ❤

*Soulful Stardust.


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