Day 20 – “Please don’t leave me”



Today, I’m going for the song We were in love. Although Davichi is featuring in the song as well, I still feel like this is one of my favorite songs of T-ARA. I’ve always liked Davichi anyway so it didn’t matter. Ever since I heard the song I’ve always thought that the tune is VERY unique. All songs have their own individuality, but once in a while you’ll find a song that just makes you wonder how they came up with such an outstanding melody!

The music video is very simple, but it shows that they focus more on the song. It was a good idea to do a collaboration with Davichi who is a group that’s strong vocally, while T-ARA might not have that as their strongest side. All in all, it worked and I love it!  🙂

[Dazzling Snowfall]


KPOP Music Challenge Day 20 : Can You Hear My Knock Knock?

LOL… Yesterday, my computer crashed on me several times, until I decided to give up. I passed on the marathon stick to Dazzling Snowfall, hoping she’d also edit my post.. =_=.. but it still looks like it’s written by an elementary school kid…

Anyway.. answer to the puzzle…it was “4 minutes slut”… 😛


Why Are You Being Like This

I was wondering whether I like this song, or “Lies” the most.. But I think I listened to this song more, so in the end.. I settled for this. I always thought that the video was kind of strange… Not a lot happens in other words…

I still looove the song though~

I’m in a hurry so.. today’s short!

Don’t worry~ Be happy~
– Soul.

KPOP Music Challenge Day 19 : What A Girl Wants


What A Girl Wants

This song is so cuuuuute. The lyrics are very very sweet, and I think they appeal to most girls out there. I like how they did a cute song, but kept their particular style. It’s not those typical cutesy girl group songs, but it has swagger, if you know what I mean!

I also have to admit that their less popular song “Mirror Mirror” is quite nice. I think it’s quite catchy, and the beat is pretty cool. Only little problem would be the start where Hyuna says “4 minutes left 4minutes left”… It sounds like she’s saying “……………………………………

Yupp, this is where Soulful Stardust left her post! Haha, intriguing right?! I wanna know what “4minutes left 4 minutes left” sounds like too!!! I got a text message from Soulful Stardust asking me to finish her post due to technical difficulties. Sooooo, here I am 😛

After listening carefully though, it sounds like Hyuna is saying “4minutes’ lap or 4minute slut”. Well… That’s not nice 0__0

I think I’m just going to wrap up this post. I feel like I’m crossing my boundary. This isn’t my post after all. ALTHOUGH, I will act as if it is, and just not post today. Yes, I’m evil like that ^__^ muahahahhaha

Soulful Stardust (already peaced out) & Dazzling Snowfall (currently peacing out) ~ 

KPOP Music Challenge Day 18 : “Baby say ye-ye-ye-yes, don’t say no no no no”


Mona Lisa

CRAPPPPPPP.. I have to choose one??? HATE.
Anyway.. ahahaha…. as you can see, I really like MBLAQ too.. >_>

When “Oh Yeah” came out, I was really like this: O_O..
I don’t know why, because you know it’s not a very extraordinary song, but it somehow had me spellbound. I’m probably half the views it has on youtube.. ok.. not that many.. but still!

I was pretty excited about the fact that Bi would produce a group.. ok that just sounds strange.

Anyway, going back to “Mona Lisa”.. This is a really nice song. I always think how this would be a really cool OST track for climax scenes, or you know those fast-paced ending themes. Otherwise, I think this is a really cool and catchy track.

I always wonder however, whyy oooh whyyy coordinator nuna.. did you make the tallest guy in the group wear a skirt like that?!.. Siiigh.. I have to admit that their panties-tights from “Y” were pretty surprising as well. I had to look a few times to figure out those were pants.. Listen to my whyyyyyy~~

Wow.. looking at this post.. I seem drunk =_=…
Sorry!…. I’m sleep deprived :S

“It’s over baby… it’s over”
– Soul.

Day 18 – “Time is too slow for me, baby”


Answer: CRY

MBLAQMusic Boys Live in Absolute Quality. Yeah… That pretty much speaks for itself..

Despite their awkwardly childish name which I am fully aware of the fact that they did not choose, I really like them! They’re talented and interesting and I like their individuality 🙂

Cry is my favorite song of MBLAQ because I get that old school RnB feeling back. It’s just a genuinely good song! Most of MBLAQ’s songs aren’t slow RnB – ballady type of songs. They definitely go for up-beat songs. The music video is also really good. I like the part where they’re under water. That was fancy!! There isn’t too much advanced dance moves in it either (not that I would want to try it out. I don’t want to provoke any misunderstandings here 😛 ) and I like the fact that it’s simple. Sometimes less is definitely more!

I just wish they would drop the all too female trench coat and the blue eye – make up. Please, I’m begging the KPOP industry – Let boys be boys!

Look at baby-face Mir all grown up! He used to look like a baby and now he looks so mature 0____0

[Dazzling Snowfall]

Day 17 – Get to steppin’ !


Answer: STEP

It was difficult to choose a song today because I don’t really pay attention to KARA‘s songs, but I’ve made up my mind!

I like the song Step because of the way they say “lalalalalalalaaa”… It’s catchy o___o      So if I focus on that and forget the crotch/pole dance, awkward clothes and the inappropriate moves that makes it look like they’re having a seizure…. I like the song!

[Dazzling Snowfall]

KPOP Music Challenge Day 16 & 17 : As usual, it’s mine~


Neverland & Shut up!

Waaah.. I also want to pick Neverland!.. </3
I’ll pick “Shut up!” as well, just cuz people don’t usually like it, ahahaha and I have always liked it. I mean seriously, the electric guitar is pretty cool~~
Just don’t pay tooooo much attention to the English and the choreo… and ehh.. Kiseop’s man bra… and we’re all set :D..

– The choreo just makes me wanna do a “Kamehameha~” ;D

You know…



I am not a huge fan of cute songs with a lot of female voices, they might sound good a few occasional times, but they’re nothing I can listen a lot to.

This was quite the different song coming from KARA when it was new. They usually made cutesy and catchy songs like “Honey”. I’ll admit that I was also riding on the “Mister” wave when it was famous, but at the end of the road, “Lupin” is still my favorite.

The KARA songs that came after, have been quite “Lupinish”… XD
“Jumping” for instance is also a nice song.

What time is it now? It’s Side-note time~~
*cough* lame pun *cough*
I was at a wedding party yesterday and draaaained from all energy when I came home. So eventually I couldn’t post, and Dazzling Snowfall took my “Neverland” :(.. haha joking.

Anyway, it’s as sunny as it can get over here, so make sure you.. study hard 😛

Peace, love and ice cream ;-p

–  Soul.