Day 06 – Wonder Girls have a boyfriend :O



Sorry guys, I’m doing this post in a daze o____o It’s been a crazy day, but I guess it’s better to post something rather than nothing…!

My choice for the day is “The DJ is mine” by Wonder girls ft School Gyrls. Wonder Girls is not a group I pay much attention to, but no matter how much you want to hide, you can’t escape their songs. My friends’ younger sister actually approached me and asked me if I listened to korean songs. I asked her why and she was like… “I’ve heard a song called Tell me by a group called Wonder girls.” And this was said by a girl that doesn’t even know the term “KPOP”.

I liked “The DJ is mine” more than the other songs I’ve heard of them. It’s catchy (most of their songs are) but this one was something new. I didn’t feel like it was a Wonder girls song. You can’t help but feel the quick and exciting beat and the lyrics are fun 😛 The song is from the Wonder girl’s movie. If you love Wonder girls, I recommend it. If you don’t, or you stand a neutral ground, I wouldn’t recommend it. The acting is kind of awkward and the plot is very cliché and at the same time it sort of fails to make sense, but hey! You do what you do ^_^

The song turns out to be in english, but it’s a Wonder Girls song nonetheless 😉

[Dazzling Snowfall]


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