Day 09 – “Looks are everything”


Answer: GENIE

I guess this fateful day had to come. The day I have to choose a favorite song of a group I don’t even like -__-

Ok, slow your role SNSD fans, I’m not hating… First I can say what I like about SNSD. I think that all 9 girls are indeed gorgeous, even though their beauty can be overrated at times. Most girl groups are pretty, aren’t they? I think it’s genius of SM entertainment to put 9 spotless girls in a group. If I was a guy, I would probably feel differently about them, but then again, I’m not a guy!

What I dislike about SNSD is how they are only appreciated by their looks. Nobody really acknowledges their talent because most of them have average voices. There are other groups with way better voices, but I guess that doesn’t matter unless you look good. I feel like they are hiding behind their “looks”. I also don’t like it when they’re on different shows with other females, and the other females get totally disregarded by the males in the show because “SNSD” is here. Gosh, it saddens me because I believe that we all have our own beauty, and that’s why SNSD fail to impress me. It’s just difficult for me to like a group only based on that. It’s not them individually that I dislike, it’s their concept. Obviously SM wants to go for what sells, I’m just not buying….

When it comes to their music, I personally liked Gee the best. It’s a song I think no one in our generation will ever forget. But since it’s a too obvious choice, I’ll go with “Genie“. The chorus is catchy and the main dance is cute 😛  Do you have a wish?

[Dazzling Snowfall]

BTW, Soulful Stardust won’t be posting today. Her exboyfriend shot her :O ! But I’m sure she’ll recover by tomorrow, she always does that.


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