KPOP Music Challenge Day 13 & 14 : Pinocchio’s Breath


Pinocchio (Danger)

I am not a huge fan of f(x) for some reason. I’m not very sure why. Maybe it’s because of the autotuned parts, and that the track melody and sound is usually one big pot of scrambled porridge. What I’m trying to say by comparing them with a “mixture”, is that they sound like random combinations. BUT, “Pinocchio” is an exception. There are parts with their clear voices, and it has a very catchy beat. Moreover, it has balance and good melodic transitions. Hence, I think it’s a pretty cool song.


Soom (Breath)

B2ST has so many awesome songs! I really like their voices, and music style. That being said, today wasn’t really that hard..haha..
This song is just great. The overall “Mastermind” album was very very good, to the point where it’s in my list of albums one should get. And not just “Mastermind,” but most of their singles and albums are usually very good.

Lastly, sorry for not posting yesterday! I see that Dazzling Snowfall has been a champ at posting :).. I had an exam yesterday, and came home broken. So I went to take a nap at 6… but ended up sleeping like a bear, only to wake up the next morning at 9 AM >_<…I guess that explains my absence?

– Soulful Stardust.



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