KPOP Music Challenge Day 19 : What A Girl Wants


What A Girl Wants

This song is so cuuuuute. The lyrics are very very sweet, and I think they appeal to most girls out there. I like how they did a cute song, but kept their particular style. It’s not those typical cutesy girl group songs, but it has swagger, if you know what I mean!

I also have to admit that their less popular song “Mirror Mirror” is quite nice. I think it’s quite catchy, and the beat is pretty cool. Only little problem would be the start where Hyuna says “4 minutes left 4minutes left”… It sounds like she’s saying “……………………………………

Yupp, this is where Soulful Stardust left her post! Haha, intriguing right?! I wanna know what “4minutes left 4 minutes left” sounds like too!!! I got a text message from Soulful Stardust asking me to finish her post due to technical difficulties. Sooooo, here I am 😛

After listening carefully though, it sounds like Hyuna is saying “4minutes’ lap or 4minute slut”. Well… That’s not nice 0__0

I think I’m just going to wrap up this post. I feel like I’m crossing my boundary. This isn’t my post after all. ALTHOUGH, I will act as if it is, and just not post today. Yes, I’m evil like that ^__^ muahahahhaha

Soulful Stardust (already peaced out) & Dazzling Snowfall (currently peacing out) ~ 


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