KPOP Music Challenge Day 20 : Can You Hear My Knock Knock?

LOL… Yesterday, my computer crashed on me several times, until I decided to give up. I passed on the marathon stick to Dazzling Snowfall, hoping she’d also edit my post.. =_=.. but it still looks like it’s written by an elementary school kid…

Anyway.. answer to the puzzle…it was “4 minutes slut”… šŸ˜›


Why Are You Being Like This

I was wondering whether I like this song, or “Lies” the most.. But I think I listened to this song more, so in the end.. I settled for this. I always thought that the video was kind of strange… Not a lot happens in other words…

I still looove the song though~

I’m in a hurry so.. today’s short!

Don’t worry~ Be happy~
– Soul.


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