I slip in and out of time

I’ve been thinking… I know that’s scary, but hear me out 😛

In the last couple of days I’ve been watching this drama called Time slip Dr Jin or something like that. Dramas always have optional names for some reason! I can’t really say too much about it considering the fact that only 10 of 24 episodes are out. I can say this though, I love how they’ve handled the whole “Let’s have a drama where the main character goes from one era to another”. In this drama he’s actually from 2012 and goes back to the Joseon Dynasty. What I really love is that we completely forget that! He assimilates himself into the society right away. It feels like a normal historical drama. Thank you, whoever scripted and directed this drama. It doesn’t seem too fake like some other dramas have been.

The whole time concept in dramas have made me start thinking about time. Since I was a child, I’ve always been fascinated by the old times and how people lived. Why did many of them think so differently than us? Does place and time really define us? When I watch historical dramas and I see how people were tortured, I just can’t help but wonder! Aren’t they human too? Then how can they wish something so horrible on another human being? Even if you hate someone, you wouldn’t want him to have his limbs ripped apart by four horses now would you? I also think about the police back then that just mercilessly jailed people without doing anything that’s too severe. I think of the people that actually did the torturing and the ones that beheaded the convicts. My thought’s go out and out and out to all of those people and then all of a sudden I stop.

I stop.

And then I really think. This is where the dangerous part starts…

I think of the second world war and how people were killed like they were worth no more than flies. My thought go out to Guantanamo Bay where people are tortured mercilessly because they might be terrorists. I think of war. War. War. I think of Palestinians trembling in fear and how another lost citizen is probably another lost neighbour… another lost brother or sister. Mother or father. Lost. Killed. By what?


I stop wondering because I realize. People will always be people. Regardless of place and time.

If hate is eternal, which it turns out to be, I thank God that love is eternal as well ❤

[Dazzling Snowfall]


I told Jr. to get you a present, but he came back with JB..

a keyboard, and a packet of Lays

Today is a very special day. It’s Dazzling Snowfall‘s Birthday! 😀

So…. Many many many happy returns of the day, Dazz :).
Wishing you all the success in the world, and all the best for future plans.
May all your dreams come true, and that you keep chasing them with a never-ending ambition :)! Saranghae x]
*Giaaaaaaant hug*

I am so happy to have met this girl. I hope that no matter what we’re doing in life, I’ll be able to wish you a “Happy Birthday” (as excitedly) every year ;)..

Now I was gonna link to a song by an artist DSF likes…. But it wouldn’t be a congratulatory post by me if it doesn’t say “this is a wish from Soulful Stardust“, now would it?
*Cough* Sure.. comfort yourself with that.. truth is you couldn’t find a song now could you? *Cough*

Stupid inner voice!
Anyway.. xD.. I originally wanted to edit a picture, which looked all “birthday card-ish”.. but since my computer is dead… I CAN’T!! T_T… I wanna cryyyy *plays MBLAQ*
But fear not my friend! I found a replacement 😀 kkkkkk~

Well.. it’s better than nothing xD… Haha.. Happy Birthday Dazzzzz 🙂  생일 축하해~*

(Happy Birthday by SoulStar)

– Soul 🙂

An emotional rollercoaster…

olala olala olala olala ~

There is no need for oxygen masks anymore, I can finally breathe on my own! You see, I have gone through some serious issues lately. Soul and myself were talking about the group Ulala session. All of a sudden I got this weird tune on my tongue and I started singing it out. I was sure I had heard it somewhere and as always Soul laughs and thinks I’m crazy! Which I am not! I’ve been tested…

Anyway, I found the song yesterday!! Oh happy day!! It was none other than Block B – Action. I am hereby giving you the olala disease. Let’s see if you can dodge it! 

Look at me, running around way off in a jungle somewhere! Despair not dear reader, this post has a purpose! I finished watching Queen Inhyun’s man last week….

When something is trending in Korea…. It really is trending in Korea! I don’t know if that’s a positive thing or not. One drama comes out where the main character goes from one era to another and all of a sudden there comes more and more dramas like that! O.O Well, this girl right here is not complaining! I think that Queen Inhyun’s man is a good drama. I liked the concept where he could actually go back and forth in time. That was actually a bit intriguing, but also stressful. For some reason I always wanted him to come back to 2012. Whenever he went back to the Joseon dynasty; I was bored -___-

In my opinion, it’s not a drama that will make you lose your sleep…. well at least I didn’t! But it’s definitely a drama I recommend because it does have funny and loving aspects. I guess as someone who has seen a wide range of korean dramas, I just want more these days! It was by no means bad in any way! I just remember being tired when it ended. Not tired of the drama, but mentally! Especially the last episodes are like a rollercoaster. I was so attached to the female lead’s emotions that I laughed when she laughed and cried when she cried. At the end I couldn’t even keep up with her emotions anymore! I might be exaggerating, actually I very well think I am, but I’m weird like that…

I was happy to see that Yoo In Na was the female lead. She’s so cute! I always wanted her to be a lead so I was happy to see that 🙂 Her crying scenes were WICKED!! I mean, dang!! It literally broke my heart because it looked so genuine! Well done!

I would say that this is a drama you can definitely watch, but you can definitely not do so as well. Both options are open 😛 If Secret garden rates a 10, I would give Queen Inhyun’s man a 4+ ….

[Dazzling Snowfall]

Miss Helpless and Mr. Raindrop – Some Like it Hot!

What’s up guys? 

(Gintama Second ED Theme, “Mr. Raindrop” by Amplified)

It’s been a while since I posted, so I thought I’d pop out of my turtle shell. Like Dazz said, although it’s summer break, were submerged into different things. Part time jobs, and other activities. I just “finished” a very long and tiring wedding week, and now my feet are covered with blisters, so it’s hard to wear any normal kind of shoes =_=…

That’s not the helpless part however. My computer is pretty much resting in peace, while I feel… hmm… handicapped?! Not because I don’t have access to anything anymore (because I abducted my dad’s computer :D).. but because I don’t have Photoshop :(.. I have these occasional urges to edit photos.. and then I realize I can’t.. Siiiiigh.. I need to get that junk fixed..

(Gintama 17th ED, “Samurai Heart – Some Like it Hot” by SPYAIR ((one of my all time favorite songs :D))..Notice how “some like it hot” sounds like “samurai heart” in “engrish”.. They purposely used it)

Otherwise, I am really really into the anime “Gintama” these days. One word : UNDERRATED! I have neglected all the dramas I had piled up, and just can’t stop watching it. I hardly get to watch a lot because of work, but still.. it’s so funny! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much watching something. The humor is just awesssoooomeee.. Although at times there’s this boyish humor in it, there’s also the times when it’s just plain hilarious to anyone.  The title means “Silver Soul“.. Soul likes that 8D.. But it’s also a play on words.. “Kintama” for instance, means “Balls of gold”.. ROFLOL.. So you can see how it’s a Shounen (male genre) anime. The words aren’t far off when it comes to pronunciation. They even joked around in one of the episodes, that the title was used in order to make it troublesome for the girls.

I must admit though, the English sub I found is not as precise as it should be. When I translate it on my own as I am watching it, I tend to do it differently sometimes. To be very honest, it sounds more correct, and even more funny that way. So I hope that people could  “understand it that way” as well. I hope the sub had been what they exactly said, instead of the “slang” equivalent of it from English.

Moving on…. I have been putting off this anime because I read online that it’s “episodic“, as in “a new story every episode”, but in reality it isn’t quite like that. Yes, the episodes usually contain a new happening every time, but there is a coherence in the flow of these. There are things you find out about the characters or the story specifically, which you would only be able to find in some episodes. By the flow, I mean that you’re introduced to new things, and you would have needed to have seen the previous episodes to know what’s going on ahead.

Anyway, I seriously recommend this anime if you like the “big four” (One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball). You will love it! Trust me. I was somehow expecting the main character to be a bit…. stupid? I have no clue why. Maybe because I knew it was a comedic anime. Still, the main character is really cool, haha. Not to mention the action scenes, they’re quite nice as well. I mean it’s a samurai anime after all! Doesn’t get cooler than that! So! Conclusion: Worth checking out, Soul recommends! 

I seriously died laughing after watching this clip:

Hope the post isn’t too confusing! Was really tired after work x_x..
I’ll edit it once I’m more awake xD..

– Soul.

A little tune – in ^_^

Annyeong everyone! Hope you’re doing great ^__^

We haven’t posted in a while now and unfortunately, that’s how it’s going to be in the near future. Both Soulful Stardust and myself are crazy busy and in a couple of weeks I will be travelling to another continent! When that time comes I will be gone for more than a month… I guess we’ll just tune in randomly when we have time 😛

I’m also using my old laptop now because my new one needs to be fixed. I think the old laptop is mad at me for not using it in a while 😦 The reason why I have such a suspicious thought is because it literally just decides to freeze and so I constantly have to turn it on and off! The mental stress it’s giving me is just too much to bear O_O

……. Actually, I am guilty of throwing a few punches at him… and letting him fall a few inches…feet? But he deserved it sooo much!! Bad laptop!

Anyway, hope everyone is having a great time wherever they are. I did start this post with the intention of writing a review of the drama Queen Inhyun’s man, but I guess it will be too random if I start now! Hope to do it later though 😛 For now, let’s all just have a pretty illusion of a happy ending that we all dream so beautifully about. Have a good one 😉

[Dazzling Snowfall]

KPOP Music Challenge Day 30 : “Gone, gone, my love is gone”


I’m a Loner

Today wasn’t all that hard I think. This is probably one of my go-to songs when it comes to CN Blue. I’m pretty sure it’s the case for most people anyway. I thought that CN Blue’s first three mini albums were quite nice, and then I sort of fell off for the rest of their songs. I have pretty much only paid attention to their title tracks, but still among those, I think this is the clear winner.

You simply can’t help but sing to the chorus~

We’re done with the challenge! I must admit, these thirty days flew by like the wind. It was quite fun to actually answer for different groups each day. I felt like it gave me a chance to go back and check out their songs again.

Look forward to some new things in the future! 🙂

– Soul.

Day 30 – Peace and love <3



Cn blue got a lot of good songs which makes it hard to choose. But in the end I chose Love light. This song is very lovable. I didn’t feel like it was them when I first heard it. It’s very slow and cute and that’s my cup of tea 😉

Well folks, that’s it for this KPOP music challenge. It’s been fun! I can’t believe a month has gone by so quickly! It’s actually a bit scary. Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough hours in a day, days in a week, weeks in a month, and months in a year. 😦 Aigoo!  I see myself in so much stress sometimes that I wish I could just fast forward those days. But ultimately, it’s the joyful moments I wish I could freeze. In the end that would mean I would have to live forever, and we all know that’s not possible 😛 I guess what I’m trying to say is that life is short and sh*t happens, but it’s the happy moments that really matter. We can always fast forward the bad things and freeze the good things – mentally ^__^

…and ice cream ❤

[Dazzling Snowfall]