KPOP Music Challenge Day 21, 22, 23 & 24 : 4MEN, BoA, Rain and Hyori

I just realized.. that in this challenge we’re doing.. there’s no SE7EN T_T… 


Baby Baby

Woaah where to start? 4MEN is my utmost favorite ballad group. I found them through this song, and none of my friends knew about them. Like seriously, no one I knew on the internet either. Eventually I shared this song with them, and they loved it too. So when I met Dazzling Snowfall, and found out that she not only knew about them, but loved them too, I was so happy. Hahaha. I finally had a companion in my 4MEN love.

It’s hard to pick one song as she says. I would probably also have picked “Sarang Sarang Sarang” had she not posted first. But I think, it’s alright to just choose this song as well. This is a breathtakingly beautiful song. When I first heard it, it was one of a kind.

Shin Yong Jae must have an old soul or something. Can you imagine that kind of voice from a 22 year old? Maknae even! I am simply amazed. Not enough words.


Every Heart

I love this song. It’s quite old now, but it is my favorite song by her. It reminds me of old days! Haha :)…Not to mention, Inuyasha.  I really like the Japanese version of this song, but the English and Korean versions are also very nice. Maybe because I always understood the lyrics of the Japanese one, is why I like it the most. I used to prefer the originals over the English versions of the songs. I still pretty much do.





Love Song (and “Escaping the Sun”)

I really really like Rain’s “Love Song”… so I also had to pick it. I don’t know how many times I have listened to this song. I even know the entire song now. HAHA.. but seriously, this is a beautiful song. I also have to add “Escaping the Sun / Running Away from the Sun”.. because it used to be my favorite song by him, and probably still is. It also has some memories attached to it, so I think for me, it’s timeless :).


Memory feat. Bizzy

Although I was never really a Hyori fan, I really really really liked her H-logic album. I think I listened to almost all of the songs in it. It is really good. Even though it faced the whole plagiarism controversy, which by the way was pretty sad, I think it was one of her best. Not to mention, her versions being far better than the demo/original ones.  I like this song because it sounds so genuine, and I really like the children choir in it. But like I said, most songs in that album were great. So now I think she’s pretty cool! 😉

Today’s post will come later tonight 🙂

– Soulful Stardust.


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