KPOP Music Challenge Day 26 : Shout To The World With This Song


Shout to the World and/or I Am Borrowing This Song Feat. Ilin, Yi Loul

Hmm.. I have never really been very into December. Not because they lack anything.. neither… needless to say, they’re amazing singers. Their voices and the harmonies are really brilliant~ and beautiful on top of that. I like ballads that are unique or that just “capture me”… for December, I feel like I’m listening to drama OSTs. I guess I haven’t really put myself into their music yet, but for now I can only say this.

LOL.. Still I had a bit trouble deciding on a song today. Both these songs are very pretty. I like the music video of “Shout to the World”, although it’s a bit strange (lol) and upsetting, it’s nice and kinda cute! I also like how the music in this is slightly different than their usual comfort zone. Sounds really good. On the other side, “I am borrowing this song” is a very beautiful song as well. I really like the combination of their voices in this, and his note in the end is just ♥.

I Am Borrowing This Song

Shout to the World

As for the horrendous song Dazz linked to. Seriously.. How could I forget to use it as “my least favorite” song in the previous challenge?.. No offence guys.. but seriously.. it sucks 😛

– Soul.


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