OMG It’s Shin Yong Jae

Omg excitement level 10000000000000!
Shin Yong Jae released his solo album, 24, just recently, and I only found out today!!
Here I was all “I’m up-to-date man”(Read that in a “chipmunked” voice)…but.. turns out I kinda suck 8D… In a cool way bro~

Okay then… Unless you already noticed, it makes me uber happy to see my favorite member of the group releasing an album.

Haha I can imagine how happy Dazz will be when she comes home, since we’re both equally crazy about 4MEN.

I’m loving “Jakkuman Jakkuman” (Over and Over) music video. It’s so cute! The song is just as beautiful as always. So I am pleaseddddd… 😀

– How I love the fact that he sings “Baby Baby” (My favorite 4MEN song *_*..)

On the other hand.. do I even need to express how wonderful his second title track is?!
It’s very Yong Jae-esque.. but you totally love that. The song is beautiful and you can really feel the sincerity in it.

Hats down~

Excuse the fangirl post ;’D
*Happy face*



Heeeey! How’s it going?

Siigh.. I haven’t updated this place in a while! 6 days since last post… SHAMEEE..
Truth being told, I haven’t been listening to anything or watching anything, so there hasn’t been a lot to write about. But I’m trying to put myself back into some sort of mode, and develop some ideas lol.

Now you’re probably wondering.. how do you not listen to music and watch stuff for sooooo long?! Trust me friends.. It’s possible :P..

Anyway.. It’s not like I’m not up to date 😉 Don’t worry.. I still know what’s out and what’s new.

So! This was going to come earlier, but eventually I delayed it because of my computer’s condition =_=.. Since Dazzling Snowfall is away, I thought I’d be doing a meme~
Dazz isn’t really into anime, so we decided that since I would eventually be doing it alone anyway, it’s fine to do it when she’s gone.

Still, I’ll try to incorporate what we usually write here on the blog as well, so there’s a clear balance.

See you soon! Peace!
– Soulful Stardust.

We’re all made of celestial waste?

What up guys?

I feel kind of sick today… I might have mentioned before that I have migraines.. well.. they came to visit again. But heck whatever.. complaining takes you nowhere, right?

I came on today to post a Soulstar song again. Haha.. I wonder if I should cool it down on the Soulstar front over here. But..aah well.. I am not really in the mood for much today.

So the song “Should I Catch A Cold” came out a while back. It’s a song by Soulstar‘s Lee Seung Woo and Wheesung. The song is simply beautiful, no less expected from the two. I was surprised that Wheesung only rapped in the song, because I was expecting some singing. Still the balance was perfect, so no hard feelings.
I always wonder why they left YG :(.. If YG would spend some money on them they would pretty much be rocking the throne. Still they’re pretty awesome even now, but I think Soulstar is still quite underrated.

The combination of R&B and Soul is not very common in KPOP. There are ballad groups with a lot of Soul, but few with the R&B twist. So that is why I like Soulstar a lot.

I will now rest my head @_@…

Soulful Stardust.

She’s So Outta Control You Gotta Love The Way She… Wait… WTF?

Hello hello~

So this is a topic I have been meaning to write about for some time now, but somehow I kept forgetting about it…

When I first heard that m-flo and 2NE1 were going to collaborate on a track, I was SO very excited! They’re both two of my favorite groups, and for them to go together to make something.. It really is something worth expecting.

Basically, when the song came out, I wasn’t exactly blown away by it, but it grew on me pretty quickly, and it is indeed an awesome song!

HOWEVER… There is a huge problem with this release.. and trust me.. it’s not the song..
So naturally.. you would expect a super awesome music video if any were to exist. With both groups in it and all.. but.. NO. You’re not getting that.

Instead.. How about you enjoy some random cheerleaders that jump around with some awkward and creepy smiles on their faces. But don’t worry.. it doesn’t end here.. The music video is further graced with the absurdity of the cheerleaders exposing their different underwear.. and eventually ripping their skirts and tops off..

Thank you..
..for scarring me for life…


Like it?

– Soul.

Scrambled Showdown: Park Bom VS G.NA

I am seriously in love with the ombre look these days. I loved G.NA‘s approach on it, so when 2NE1 came out with their new song “I Love You” – I was totally sold. Both G.NA and Bom are remarkable singers, and to be very honest, they both rocked this look! That aside, I also really liked Dara‘s pink ombre in their video! Haha, Awesome!

Not only did both music videos have vibrant and really cool neon colors, but the songs themselves were very catchy and good. A+ to these girls!

What do you think? Hot or not?

Who’s the ombre queen in your opinion?

– Soul.

My Sistar, Dazzling Snowfall

What up?
First off, thanks to all the new people following our blog! 🙂 Welcome~

I am so saaaaad!! I missed out on replying to Dazz’s post before she left off for vacation T_T.. Aiigoo.. what do I do with this girl? Haha Where do I start? I don’t ever want us to split either :).. The post was so sweet T_T.. and you’re the boss no matter what, Dazz.. haha!
I am truly blessed to have her in my life ;).. She’s gotta be my “sistar” from another mistah ;P

We’ll miss you these 2 months, but hope that you have the time of your life 😀
Come back safely 🙂

Also, I was going to post earlier but was called out for work =_=.. hence the gap.. sorry guys 😦

But I’ll try my best to post on behalf of us both during this time! 😀 So make sure you check in with us 😉

– Soulful Stardust