Good Morning, You Deserve Better…

I seriously love Verbal Jint… His music is so awesome. You gotta enjoy his creative mind.
So.. not sure if we posted the song on A-yo! before or not, but his song “You Look Good” featuring NS Yoonji and Phantom‘s Sanchez is really awesome. I think Dazz might have posted it. We both really loved this song, and the music video was pretty cool as well. So when I saw that he featured Sanchez on his new track, I was really hyped! Of course, the song is EPIC and no doubt meets expectations.

Sanchez‘s voice is just really really nice. I can feel some “Brown Eyed Soul” in his voice. I also think that Phantom is quite underrated. They are a very talented “co-ed” group, and their song “Hole in Your Face” was also very good. So do check it out.

Going back to Verbal Jint, “Good Morning” featuring Kwon Jung Ryul (of 10cm) is so cute! I love the whole summery and jazzy feel to the song. Kwon Jung Ryul has the perfect voice for this song. It sure puts a smile on your face and gets you in a good mood. Both songs are completely opposite to each other, so you should be able to find whichever fits your taste x].

Also, both songs are in Verbal Jint‘s new album, “10 Years Of Misreading“..
Do give it a listen! 😉

(You Deserve Better)

Peace, Love and Ice Cream~
– Soulful Stardust.


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