To her, to you…

Yes, It’s summer! How’s it going?

I just wanted to drop by for a bit since I’ll be M.I.A for almost two months! I’m really excited to leave this place for a while though, and experience something new. Yes, that’s it; something new! Sometimes life feels like the same old story. We have almost every day planned for ourselves. Life can be too predictable, but I have decided to change that 😛 Come what may, I say! Come what may…

I also want to address Soulful Stardust‘s birthday post that she dedicated to me. I feel like an ass for not having said anything yet. Truth is, I got real emotional. It was such a cute post! I laughed, smiled, felt sad and happy. You might be wondering why I would feel sad. It was such an optimistic post, right? The thing is that we might not be able to study together anymore. Soul wants to study in another country if she gets the opportunity. I wish her well in all she does and that she will get exactly what she wants. But deep inside I wish she would stay here with me. It’s the deep truth that lies inside of my heart. I feel like a boss for being able to say that 😛 We’re a retarded dynamic duo that I don’t wish to see split… Regardless, I wish the same thing that you do, Soul. Ultimately, that we will be able to wish each other a happily happy birthday every year. No matter where we are in the world … ❤

I leave this confused girl in your dear readers hands for the time being until I come back. Wishing everyone a blessed summer break with this crazy song! ❤ 

[Dazzling Snowfall]


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