She thought she married an orphan…

…. But after their wedding, her husband was found by his family that had lost him when he was a child. And so the family feud begins..

Annyeong! It’s been a long time ūüôā While being away on vacation, I really thought that I was going to get a break from watching korean dramas (which I really need btw!) but that’s definitely¬†not what happened!

You know when your options are significantly decreased you tend to watch just about anything? Well, I guess that’s what happened to me. The drama¬†My husband’s got a family¬†was actually a drama I had checked out when the first episodes were airing (now they’re on ep 50.). I really liked the funny concept, but of course I was toooo impatient! After watching it for a month now, I fell in love! It’s cute beyond description.

It’s obviously a family drama which means that there are more than a few main characters to follow. If you want to enjoy long family dramas such as this one, you really need to find a favorite couple. Once you do that, you’ll enjoy it a thousand times more. I totally put my stamp on the restaurant couple. Aigooo. ‚̧ ūüėõ

Will I continue to follow this drama? Maybe. But if I don’t, I will definitely follow my couple ūüėÄ

It’s nice to be back after so long.

[Dazzling Snowfall] ~


Anime Meme Day 3 : The Crazy…

Despite not being completely content with today’s editing… I’m still uploading this picture..
Wiiiihuuuu it’s the pirate king~

Ahahaha where do I start?!?! Anime crush.. aah.. what is this? *Acts like she never had any*
Ehemm…Since I have to pick one, I guess I’ll go with Luffy from One Piece.
I think this is a surprising “revelation”, but truth being told, Luffy is awesome! Haha..

What I think is cool about Luffy¬†is that he’s so crazy and¬†reckless, yet it’s very admirable. The character in itself is very good. Although he’s displayed this way on one end, he really does have that dignity of a “king”. I think Eiichiro Oda did a great job developing Luffy‘s character. While “stupid” on the outside, you find out so many great things about him, which he knows but doesn’t tell about. I guess what I want to say is, he really is not that ignorant at all.

When I first started watching One Piece, I was like “How will a Gum/Rubber-Human be anything that cool?”(11 years old Soul)… Seriously.. Mind blow. He is probably one of the coolest and most creative characters I have come across. The fighting scenes in the series are always really good. The story is one of the best. The main character fits in perfectly. What more can I say?

As you can see, I am completely sold (20 years old Soul).

In conclusion~ His “chill” and “crazy” personality is fun XD.

– Soul.

Oppan Gangnam Style

op op op op oppan Gangnam style!

Lol I understand why this song is trending like wildfire. It’s really addictive!
It’s almost at 30 million views on YouTube! O_O
Psy is really THE performer when it comes to live shows, but he surely does not disappoint otherwise either.

If you haven’t checked out his 6th album yet, you¬†definitely¬†should give it a go!

Can’t help loving¬†Yoo Jaesuk‘s entry!! It’s the cherry on the cake. I must admit though, HyunA‘s eyebrows aren’t so flattering… I wonder what the stylist unnie has been doing lately…maybe HyunA is a cyborg..but that’s ok…

Not so fast though, I did like her in this video, she’s not overly trying to be hot or something like she usually is. It’s more effortless and fun!

– Soulful Stardust.

Anime Meme Day 2 : The Extraordinary…

I really don’t like “favorite” questions, because I really can’t settle for one. Still, if I have to pick, I won’t hesitate and choose One Piece. This is probably one of the most, if not the most, creative anime/manga I have ever come across.

Not only are the drawings and characters creative, but the plot itself is g-e-n-i-u-s. Seriously, if you haven’t watched or read OP yet.. You’re missing out. Big time. Go check it out now!

There’s a reason this manga breaks records every time it releases. It really is worth your pennies and coins. If DBZ is something you watched when you were young, like the “childhood legendary series”, this is will mark the history books next.

It’s amazing how it’s still running. Literally a part of my childhood and youth.

This has to be one of the coolest scenes EVER! “Zoro takes Luffy’s pain”

Seriously the best!

Favorite character: Luffy, Zoro and Chopper! Ahaha too hard.
Favorite arc:¬†Hmm.. It just gets better and better every time. I must say I always “remember” the Alabasta arc though. Overall all of them are great.
Favorite OST: “Dear Friends” by Triplane¬†(and “Asu wa kuru kara” by DB5K)
(“Fight together” by Namie Amuro is nice too).

– Soul.

“To the Beautiful You” From “Hana Kimi”

Hey guys! What’s up?

One of my all time favorite manga is yet again being adapted into a drama. So I have been having a mixed feeling about this drama. When I first heard the news that they were going to make a Korean adaption of “Hana Kimi“, I was really excited!
It’s been one of those dramas that I always wanted to see in a Korean version, and sort of contemplate on who could do the characters.

Of course when I heard about the casting, it was quite unexpected. I wasn’t really thrilled over the fact that it was SM¬†Entertainment¬†who where going to make it (like JYP with Dream High). It sort of “restricts” the casting, so that was the primary reason for my uneasiness. This could be a big drama after all. Plus the fact that I haven’t been too much in love with SM lately.

When the first teaser came, I started becoming a little¬†anxious. I really really love the Japanese version (first one), although they focus on comedy a lot. It’s still nice in a¬†whimsical¬†way. Moreover, the special was so funny that I literally died laughing. There was also a remake last year, but I never really got around to check it out.

Buuuuut….Now that the teasers have started coming up again, I feel like I’m falling in love with it! So~ expectations are high, really hope that this drama is good! ūüôā

Minho is also my favorite SHINee member, so I was pleased to see him as the main lead. I really hope that his acting will be good as well. As for f(x) Sulli, I have high expectations for this girl. HAHA.. I thought Horikita Maki was awesome as Mizuki, so I hope that Sulli will make a memorable character too.

Last but not least, the guy with a head FULL of thoughts, Nakatsu. Lee Hyun-Woo has been cast.¬†Since he has a good acting background, I am not really worried. Perhaps just excited to see what the new Nakatsu will be like. Not sure if I’m loving his¬†bowl cut¬†though…
Both Jiro and Ikuta¬†Toma did really great jobs on their versions. He is probably the character you fall in love with in the series, even though you’re cheering on the “couple”.

The drama is airing August 15th…Siigh… and I am the sort of person who has to collect all of the episodes, and watch them¬†together.. because I seriously HATE the cliffhangers.
Will I really be able to wait for all the episodes for this?.. Hmmm..

Love the Taiwanese version. Adore the Japanese version. Looking forward to the Korean version!

I wonder why they never make an anime of this?

What’s your thoughts on the upcoming drama?

– Soul.

I’m moving…

Waah! Sorry for not posting the past few days. Application results are coming out nowadays, so it got me quite busy. As of now.. I have 3 options.. And it’s incredibly difficult to settle for one final decision =_=…

Anyway.. I have been trying to collect the papers that I need for uni, and looking for apartments and so on, hence the absence..

One of the choices might even have me moving next week, so it’s getting quite hectic.

Bear with me!

Peace & Love~

[Soul] K-Movie Review : “You’re My Pet”

Hey there peeps!
I was assuming Dazzling Snowfall would write a review on this as well. So the title is to distinguish the two. This way you’ll get two opinions.

So I just recently got the chance to watch this movie. It was quite random actually, but I will not leave out the fact that I really wanted to watch it. Prior to the movie, I did not see the trailer, so now that I have seen it, I am kind of like.. “Suuure O_O”.. Oops~ not trying to ruin it for ya there ;P.. Just kidding. Don’t worry.

Quick Plot
The movie is based on a Japanese manga and there was also a Japanese drama on this. It’s about a professional woman, Ji-Eun-Yi(Kim Hanuel), who is pouring her life into work. She eventually gets herself a human pet “Momo“(Jang Geun Seuk). The story basically follows the life of Eun-Yi, how she manages her image and work, her life with co-workers and the ideal boyfriend, and how she must keep her human pet a secret, and well.. I guess you can tell from the trailer what else happens…

The Good and the Strange
The movie is cute. It has some cute moments that make you give off a little “aaaw”.. but the concept to me was quite strange. 30 minutes into the movie, I literally thought to myself “What the hell am I watching?”. Now I would understand if their “relationship” as master and pet would eventually evolve. But it’s like “Momo” has no dignity and is all puppy-face from the start. She is also quick on accepting this “pet”.. and it’s all kind of strange.

(Might have minor spoilers)
Ok.. you get to know that she is “considering a pet”. Fine. He¬†initiates¬†on becoming a pet. Fine. Still the whole concept falls strangely into place. I do understand why things happen the way that they do, but Momo is still partly confusing. If he doesn’t want to work with women, how can he become a pet like this?!..Or did I just miss something.. I don’t know..

Anyway, the scene development and the camera work is also confusing at times. There’s not a very precise coherence or flow in how everything falls into place, in other words.. the cinematography¬†is at times messy.

Conclusion (No Spoiler)
Personally, I thought that it was a weird movie. Weird because I’m not a sucker for things that become cheesy and “sticky”.. LOL.. Which is all I can think of when I see “Momo”.. Like.. literally.. is he a dog?.. It could have been scripted and made much better, still it’s not half bad either. I recommend it if you’re in a mood for a “simple” movie, which runs quite¬†moderately, and with nothing that really makes you jump up from your seat. It is cute and at times funny, so props for that!

3 out of 6 for me ūüôā

– Soulful Stardust