Anime Meme Day 1 : The Legendary…

Hello Hello~

So then! Time to start this challenge.
My very first anime was no doubt Dragon Ball Z. Living in a European country, none of my other Asian friends had the “privilige” to watch anime as a child. They were mostly shown cartoons and other stuff. Although the same goes for me, I am quite thankful to my parents for showing me anime. HAHA.. Because it feels “natural” to know about it.

Favorite character: Goku (LOL) or Gotenks
Favorite arc: Boo Saga
Favorite OST: Hitori janai by DEEN (too many to choose from!.. Just picking a random one from the pile of favorites XD)

When I was little, Dragon Ball Z used to come on TV at 6PM everyday. Woot Woot for the precise timing Anyway.. So my siblings and I would sit down and watch it every day. My parents even watched it with us. One think you should know about Soul Household.. we are anime and cartoon lovers.. Seriously.. it’s kinda funny.

Eventually, DBZ was what “led me on” to watch other anime. I remember when I discovered series in Japanese, I would stop it once in a while to read the subtitles properly.. haha those were the days x3.. Thanks to this however, I learned a lot of Japanese. Now, I don’t even need to read the subs.

Although Dragon Ball GT had the best openings and endings – did not really love it. I prefer the original work of Akira Toriyama. Still enjoyed it regardless. Anddddd they should so have made the DBZ Kai out the Boo Saga =_=..

So that’s it for today! I’ll try doing this meme in consecutive days, but I might not :P.. 
So eventually.. there will be 30 days, let’s hope they’re continuous 😉

So what’s your very first anime?


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