“To the Beautiful You” From “Hana Kimi”

Hey guys! What’s up?

One of my all time favorite manga is yet again being adapted into a drama. So I have been having a mixed feeling about this drama. When I first heard the news that they were going to make a Korean adaption of “Hana Kimi“, I was really excited!
It’s been one of those dramas that I always wanted to see in a Korean version, and sort of contemplate on who could do the characters.

Of course when I heard about the casting, it was quite unexpected. I wasn’t really thrilled over the fact that it was SM Entertainment who where going to make it (like JYP with Dream High). It sort of “restricts” the casting, so that was the primary reason for my uneasiness. This could be a big drama after all. Plus the fact that I haven’t been too much in love with SM lately.

When the first teaser came, I started becoming a little anxious. I really really love the Japanese version (first one), although they focus on comedy a lot. It’s still nice in a whimsical way. Moreover, the special was so funny that I literally died laughing. There was also a remake last year, but I never really got around to check it out.

Buuuuut….Now that the teasers have started coming up again, I feel like I’m falling in love with it! So~ expectations are high, really hope that this drama is good! 🙂

Minho is also my favorite SHINee member, so I was pleased to see him as the main lead. I really hope that his acting will be good as well. As for f(x) Sulli, I have high expectations for this girl. HAHA.. I thought Horikita Maki was awesome as Mizuki, so I hope that Sulli will make a memorable character too.

Last but not least, the guy with a head FULL of thoughts, Nakatsu. Lee Hyun-Woo has been cast. Since he has a good acting background, I am not really worried. Perhaps just excited to see what the new Nakatsu will be like. Not sure if I’m loving his bowl cut though…
Both Jiro and Ikuta Toma did really great jobs on their versions. He is probably the character you fall in love with in the series, even though you’re cheering on the “couple”.

The drama is airing August 15th…Siigh… and I am the sort of person who has to collect all of the episodes, and watch them together.. because I seriously HATE the cliffhangers.
Will I really be able to wait for all the episodes for this?.. Hmmm..

Love the Taiwanese version. Adore the Japanese version. Looking forward to the Korean version!

I wonder why they never make an anime of this?

What’s your thoughts on the upcoming drama?

– Soul.


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