“Everything We Do Has Circumstances…

The difference is only the result; either good or bad”
– Jang Sook Ja (Shining Inheritance).

Heeeey everyone! 😀
Woah~ it’s been a long time coming back.. but I’m here again now. More or less.
I am sorry for being away for so long, to both this blog and to my dear friend Dazzling!
Her heartfelt post when I left really brought tears to my eyes. I was so sad because I missed home. I read it probably the day she posted it, but it was so hectic here that I hardly had time to reply. Now that I have time to reply, there aren’t enough words to express my gratitude, and I really miss my dear friend :).. I thank God that I was able to meet her, and got to know her…

It made me so happy to see that I have such a wonderful friend by my side. All I can say is.. that I think this song fits well with the occasion, and I dedicate it to Dazz ;)..

On a side note, I have finally settled down completely. Tomorrow is the matriculation, and I will officially have entered a new path. It’s both scary and exciting… But thankfully, it’s more of the latter :)..

Sadly, the studies that I’m taking require me to study a lot. Thus, I am not quite sure how much or how often I will be able to post… But I guess we’ll see where the road takes me.

Untill later…
Be right back 😉
– Soul.


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