What is your heart beating for?


Funny story…

I was randomly searching in my shelf for something when I came across this piece of paper. The title was; “What is your heart  beating for?” I suddenly recalled how I came to write it…

Soulful Stardust and myself were watching the teasers of 2pm‘s Heartbeat. Each member had their own teaser where they explained what their heart was beating for. I was so intrigued by the question and it made me wonder… What is my heart beating?

I gave Soulful Stardust homework. She was to go home and write down what her heart was beating for and so would I. Till this day I have yet to see that piece of paper -__-

Well, this is what I wrote:

Life.Love. Happiness. When I think of how extraordinary life can be with love and happiness; I feel my heart racing to its own pace. A pace that reflects reassurance of the ultimate bliss.

So let me ask you; What is your heart beating for?

[Dazzling Snowfall]



Take that rage, put it on a page, take the page to the stage, blow the roof off the place…

What’s up?

I am sloooowly starting to get back to the usual routine.. The fact that it’s taking time is another story. LOL.

When I come to wordpress :S.. I’m not sure what to write about these days. I haven’t been that up to date regarding things these past days.. so yeah..

I started watching Rooftop Prince (for whenever I get some time).. And I’m happy I waited for all of the episodes to air! :D.. Both Dazz and my sister told me how good it is, but I have been putting it off all this time..

It’s really awesome!! The story is nice, the actors are great, the OST is fantastic. All I got is LOVE for it. One thing that I thought was particularly exceptional was Yoochun’s acting! OMG.. Yoochun oh Yoochun.. Usually.. Singer-turned-actors have this specific air to them. They remind you of themselves, and few genuinely feel like actors.. I completely forgot anything about Yoochun ever being part of any group.. He is really colored in his character. His acting feels genuine, and that’s what is most important about a drama. The actor needs to derive the audience’s attention in to the story and nothing else.. and I think he managed to do that perfectly.

From his old days.. It’s 100 % clear that he has matured. Haha. I imagine the DBSK days, and then I look at him now.. Although even back then I thought his acting was good, it has improved a lot.

Also… :O…Am I the only one who is reminded of Song Hye Kyo by Han Ji Min? XD

So anywaaaayyyy…. watch it if you still haven’t! 😉
Make sure you check out Dazzling Snowfall‘s posts on the topic. I just realized she picked Yoochun as her favorite actor on the drama meme.. haha

Jay Park ftw~


(Title: “If You Could See Me Now” by The Script)

15 &?

Weren’t we excited? Yes, we were!! What would happen to Park Ji Min, the winner of Kpop star audition? I’m sure a lot of people were contemplating. Well… 15& – happened!

Out of frustration; can I scream for just one second?


Ok, I’m done. This scream of frustration came out due to the duo’s name. I will NEVER understand the reason why so many kpop groups have such mind-boggling names! Yes, they’re both fifteen, and? so? They’ll be sixteen next year!

Aside from that, I LOVE THEM! Omg, I already loved Ji Min, as she was my favorite contestant from Kpop star audition, but the other member Baek Ye Rin is growing on me too. Her voice is incredibly beautiful and I think that they fit perfectly together. I really wish them a lot of success. 15& FIGHTING!

[Dazzling Snowfall]


Do you have Faith in the kdramas of 2012?

New dramas keep on coming, but am I the only one who feels that the dramas that have been airing this year haven’t really been all that great?

As some of you might know, there are few dramas that actually manage to escape my eye. Somehow, I always know what’s airing and what’s a must watch. I’m really disappointed this year. There has only been two or three dramas that I have been really excited about! Personally, I  think that the year 2010-2011 just ruined it for every single year to come! The dramas that came out those two years were absolutely breathtaking! It’s going to be hard to keep up with them, and 2012 just proved that it’s going to take a lot more than what we thought.

I have watched 13 episodes of the drama Faith. Everyone seems to be really excited about it because Lee Min Ho is the male lead. If there is one thing I wouldn’t do, it would be watching a drama solely based on the people who are playing the characters. It does not mean that the drama is automatically going to be good. It really doesn’t! One of the best dramas I have watched were with actors I had never seen before or had no specific biased for. Jut keep that in mind 😉  So far, the drama hasn’t been disappointing in any way. It makes me want to watch more, but I have decided to wait till all the episodes have come out. The drama can still go in many directions, so I can’t really recommend it, but so far so good. I think I have faith in Faith 😛

I don’t know why, but I’m more curious about the king and queens relationship rather than the two leads. I just think they’re SO cute! I wish there were more scenes with only the two of them!!! Let’s keep that hope for the future 😉If you’ve seen the drama, you’ll know what I’m talking about 😛

[Dazzling Snowfall]