I am falling in and out of …

Yupp, that’s right! – Dramas!

I feel so confused lately. I can’t seem to focus on anything! I don’t know if it’s because my exams are coming up and I’m stressing about that, but I just can’t seem to get my mind right – on watching dramas that is 😛

One of the reasons can also be that I’m still disappointed about the fact that the k-dramas of 2012 haven’t really been all that great. I am still searching for that drama that will make my stomach tickle. The drama that will make me forget where I am and what I really should be doing. The drama that keeps me awake at night even though I know very well that I have to wake up early in the morning!!

Until recently I was actually watching the drama called Princess Ja Myung Go. It’s a drama from a few years back. I hadn’t heard of it before, but I just accidentally found it and decided to watch it. I guess I was craving a historical drama where I didn’t have to wait for all the episodes to come out. I must say that It was really good. Even though I still have three episodes left that I can’t come around to watch for some reason! Hmm, that’s kind of weird right?! I’m telling you; there is something wrong with both myself and the k-dramas airing this year!

So I keep on falling in and out of k-dramas. Right now, it’s the story of my life -____-

Pray for me

[Dazzling Snowfall]


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