Though They Say I’ve Gone Crazy, Just Can’t Get Enough~


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey don’t bring me down 😉
What’s up guys? Long time no see..I am here to grace you with my presence haha

Joking =_=

First of all.. I don’t know how to thank Dazzling Snowfall enough. She’s been sticking out with this like a champ ;).. The birthday post was soooo sooo sweet :)..
I can’t put it into words how happy it made me.. I miss you my dear friend 🙂
The Beyonce vocals totally won me over~

The Fight Ends Here..

A few days ago a very important lawsuit ended. Yepp.. Between, JYJ and SM entertainment. Both sides dropped charges. SME rep stated that “trio do not plan on becoming a part of TVXQ again”…

Siighhh I was quite disappointed to begin with. Imagining that there’s not even a slight chance for the ones who got me into Kpop to go back together.

At one side I feel happy for them, because at least now they’re living like they want to without restrictions… On the other side I feel like a great combination has been disrupted.
You know the feeling you have when you see completely compatible people not being able to be together.. heart breaking…

DB5K was like the total package…but best of all,
they could really sing..

Even so, I will always be a loyal Cassie.. be it TVXQ or JYJ.. In the end maybe one day it might just be DB5K again…

I wish them good luck!

This video always makes me so sad :(..

Always Keep The Faith.




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