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Happy New Year cuties! I hope that 2013 is treating you right so far 😉 I had a lovely holiday break with adorable family members. Sometimes all we need is to stop for a second and just take it all in! Everything is not as bad as we believed it to be and life is better than we thought! Blessed I guess you could say 😀

Life has gone back to mainly studying. I did get the chance to meet Soulful Stardust on New Years Eve! I hadn’t seen her since August! The life of a student studying abroad is not easy 😛 It was wonderful ❤ bogoshipeosseo 😦 

Mainly studying; yes, but more importantly (haha) DRAMA WATCHING!!! 😛 I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the drama called Oohlala spouses. The drama is basically about a couple that’s been married for 12 years. They have a son and they live with the husband’s mother and his sister. The wife is sick of taking care of everyone and everything so they end up divorcing (easier said than done). What makes this drama unique is that during a “car accident” they change bodies! What are they going to do now? How are they suppose to tell everyone that they got a divorce, when they can’t afford to be apart from each other now? They need each other! They need to change back! Two words I can use to describe this drama would be: intriguingly funny. I laughed hard, but at the same time I was intrigued and curious. The drama is not amazing, but it’s good.

Surprisingly enough, this drama became more of a cliché. For some reason I didn’t expect it to be so. I had trouble finishing the last episodes. They were a bit boring and I started to sense what was going to happen. I loooooove happy endings, but sometimes I need a wake up call. This drama could really have advertised the fact that some people are just not meant to be. It’s as simple as that…

All in all; I don’t feel like I wasted my time on it, just a little bit at the end 😛 Don’t settle for less just because you feel like you don’t deserve better. Settle for what makes you happy <3<3<3

[Dazzling Snowfall]


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