The unforgettable tale of a “Horse doctor”

65199270And so the story goes…

I finished watching the drama Horse doctor a couple of minutes ago :P. I wanted to write the review while all the emotions were still fresh. I’ve got one word; exceptional!

Watching historical dramas are always tricky to me. I often feel nervous because 80% of the historical dramas I’ve seen end tragically. I’m also dreading the fact that it might be a bad drama, but since most historical dramas have a lot of episodes, I might find that out a little too late since I want to give it a chance. So you guys get my point; I do a lot of thinking before I see a historical drama. But for some reason, something about this drama attracted me. I put it in my “watch-when-all-the-episodes-come-out list” haha. Although I literally knew nothing of the drama. I guess it was just my drama senses kicking in 😛

The plot is very complex. Almost to the point where it’s impossible to explain it without giving something important away. I’ll try my best though! It’s basically about a boy( Baek Kwanghyun) who will have his whole fate twisted upside down due to one action that was done the minute he was born. He will live a life that is not his own. After another twisted fate, he finds himself at a horse farm as an orphan at the age of 11. Here he lives till he’s a young adult. He becomes a horse doctor that will later get the opportunity to become an apprentice in the royal pharmacy – and we all know that a ladder is created to be climbed, so he will indeed climb to the top where he eventually becomes the royal physician taking care of the Royal family.

During all the mess, fortune and misfortune that happens in his life, he meets a girl(Kang Jinyong) – three times. Once at birth, the second time when he’s 11, and the third time in the pharmacy. The first time, she saves his life. The second time, they become friends. The third time, they fall in love – only to find out about their sick twisted fates that intertwine like no other. How will they manage to figure this out while dealing with all the drama that is already happening in the capital? Murder, treason, lies, conspiracy, betrayal, friendship, love, companionship, loyalty – they all take place in the capital, and they all take place in Baek Kwanghyun and Kang Jinyong’s life…

That plot summary does not do the drama justice at all! I don’t know how I can praise this drama without over-praising it 😛 In my opinion, it was everything a drama ought to have – and more! I love how we met so many different characters, and not just for a brief meeting, but throughout the drama. When I saw the last episode, I was thinking of how much I was going to miss them all. They’re so precious! Yes, you’ll meet a lot of different evil people in the drama that will make you want to choke somebody. But the good people of the drama will make you cry. This drama made me emotionally unstable! haha

The main character is played by Cho Seung Woo, which is an actor I had never heard of before. I am 100% honest when I say that I cannot picture anyone else playing that role. He was out of this world! He’s the kind of person that is not particularly handsome or eye-catching, but he’s personality will slowly but surely shine through to the point where you can’t see anything but beauty and goodness in him. I fell in love with everything that he was.

The leading couple were really good together as well which pleased me a lot! They were just extremely cute. Their happiness together made me smile like fool and their sadness together made me cry like a bigger fool! Lol, but I don’t want to talk more about the drama!!! A drama is indeed best when it surprises you, and I don’t want to deprive anyone of that joy. The drama does have 50 episodes, but I’ll be honest, I don’t even know where those 50 episodes went… (^-^)

Another great drama finshed. The feeling never gets old….

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