Pants on fire



Wahhh! I’m exhausted!

I’ve been packing like crazy lately. I’m leaving this humble abode to England as an exchange student. I’m leaving TOMORROW 0.0 

Needless to say, I have no life at the moment. Which is why the review of The heirs hasn’t been up yet. I haven’t watched the two last episodes. I said I would do it over the weekend – which makes my pants burn up!

I izz a baad gurl!

Forgive me, and wish me luck ❤

Till next time,

[Dazzling Snowfall]


The heirs

I just couldn’t think of a clever title….


I hate the new layout wordpress has for posting posts >.<

And I forgot our username like twice…

I just wanted to point that out.


I’m currently watching The heirs. Most drama lovers are aware of it. The last two episodes will be airing this week. I won’t be able to review it as I’m out of town, but I’ll hopefully be able to do it over the weekend.

I’m excited to throw my two cents in.

Till then

[Dazzling Snowfall]

Would you look at that! :O

Hello friends!


I want to start off with an excuse, but let’s be honest… nobody cares!

So I’ve been gone for a good 6 months now. The last post was posted when I ended my spring semester and now I’m writing this post as I’m done with my fall semester. I’ve never been gone for this long. 

I blame life.

And I will continue to blame life until my next post 😛

[Dazzling Snowfall] ~