Who is Soulful Stardust?

When I first met her, I thought that she was such a quiet and cute person, but that was before a hurricane of retardedness hit me.

Soulful Stardust has a really fun and interesting personality. I love the way she writes and her knowledge is like limitless! Right…

She really loves anime. This is the girl that saw SO many “One Piece” episodes in a couple of days that I was shocked! And even though I know you want to sweetie, no, you cannot become an anime character. The way of life they say…

Soulful Stardust knows her Kpop like she knows her multiplication table. Wait, that’s a bad example! :/ Ok girly, I’ll stop joking with you!! There are few people that can beat her when it comes to Kpop. She’s an explosion of weirdness and preciousness, so look forward to her self- defined Kpop swag!

– DazzlingSnowFall.


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