Anime Meme Day 3 : The Crazy…

Despite not being completely content with today’s editing… I’m still uploading this picture..
Wiiiihuuuu it’s the pirate king~

Ahahaha where do I start?!?! Anime crush.. aah.. what is this? *Acts like she never had any*
Ehemm…Since I have to pick one, I guess I’ll go with Luffy from One Piece.
I think this is a surprising “revelation”, but truth being told, Luffy is awesome! Haha..

What I think is cool about Luffy is that he’s so crazy and reckless, yet it’s very admirable. The character in itself is very good. Although he’s displayed this way on one end, he really does have that dignity of a “king”. I think Eiichiro Oda did a great job developing Luffy‘s character. While “stupid” on the outside, you find out so many great things about him, which he knows but doesn’t tell about. I guess what I want to say is, he really is not that ignorant at all.

When I first started watching One Piece, I was like “How will a Gum/Rubber-Human be anything that cool?”(11 years old Soul)… Seriously.. Mind blow. He is probably one of the coolest and most creative characters I have come across. The fighting scenes in the series are always really good. The story is one of the best. The main character fits in perfectly. What more can I say?

As you can see, I am completely sold (20 years old Soul).

In conclusion~ His “chill” and “crazy” personality is fun XD.

– Soul.


Anime Meme Day 2 : The Extraordinary…

I really don’t like “favorite” questions, because I really can’t settle for one. Still, if I have to pick, I won’t hesitate and choose One Piece. This is probably one of the most, if not the most, creative anime/manga I have ever come across.

Not only are the drawings and characters creative, but the plot itself is g-e-n-i-u-s. Seriously, if you haven’t watched or read OP yet.. You’re missing out. Big time. Go check it out now!

There’s a reason this manga breaks records every time it releases. It really is worth your pennies and coins. If DBZ is something you watched when you were young, like the “childhood legendary series”, this is will mark the history books next.

It’s amazing how it’s still running. Literally a part of my childhood and youth.

This has to be one of the coolest scenes EVER! “Zoro takes Luffy’s pain”

Seriously the best!

Favorite character: Luffy, Zoro and Chopper! Ahaha too hard.
Favorite arc: Hmm.. It just gets better and better every time. I must say I always “remember” the Alabasta arc though. Overall all of them are great.
Favorite OST: “Dear Friends” by Triplane (and “Asu wa kuru kara” by DB5K)
(“Fight together” by Namie Amuro is nice too).

– Soul.

Anime Meme Day 1 : The Legendary…

Hello Hello~

So then! Time to start this challenge.
My very first anime was no doubt Dragon Ball Z. Living in a European country, none of my other Asian friends had the “privilige” to watch anime as a child. They were mostly shown cartoons and other stuff. Although the same goes for me, I am quite thankful to my parents for showing me anime. HAHA.. Because it feels “natural” to know about it.

Favorite character: Goku (LOL) or Gotenks
Favorite arc: Boo Saga
Favorite OST: Hitori janai by DEEN (too many to choose from!.. Just picking a random one from the pile of favorites XD)

When I was little, Dragon Ball Z used to come on TV at 6PM everyday. Woot Woot for the precise timing Anyway.. So my siblings and I would sit down and watch it every day. My parents even watched it with us. One think you should know about Soul Household.. we are anime and cartoon lovers.. Seriously.. it’s kinda funny.

Eventually, DBZ was what “led me on” to watch other anime. I remember when I discovered series in Japanese, I would stop it once in a while to read the subtitles properly.. haha those were the days x3.. Thanks to this however, I learned a lot of Japanese. Now, I don’t even need to read the subs.

Although Dragon Ball GT had the best openings and endings – did not really love it. I prefer the original work of Akira Toriyama. Still enjoyed it regardless. Anddddd they should so have made the DBZ Kai out the Boo Saga =_=..

So that’s it for today! I’ll try doing this meme in consecutive days, but I might not :P.. 
So eventually.. there will be 30 days, let’s hope they’re continuous 😉

So what’s your very first anime?

Miss Helpless and Mr. Raindrop – Some Like it Hot!

What’s up guys? 

(Gintama Second ED Theme, “Mr. Raindrop” by Amplified)

It’s been a while since I posted, so I thought I’d pop out of my turtle shell. Like Dazz said, although it’s summer break, were submerged into different things. Part time jobs, and other activities. I just “finished” a very long and tiring wedding week, and now my feet are covered with blisters, so it’s hard to wear any normal kind of shoes =_=…

That’s not the helpless part however. My computer is pretty much resting in peace, while I feel… hmm… handicapped?! Not because I don’t have access to anything anymore (because I abducted my dad’s computer :D).. but because I don’t have Photoshop :(.. I have these occasional urges to edit photos.. and then I realize I can’t.. Siiiiigh.. I need to get that junk fixed..

(Gintama 17th ED, “Samurai Heart – Some Like it Hot” by SPYAIR ((one of my all time favorite songs :D))..Notice how “some like it hot” sounds like “samurai heart” in “engrish”.. They purposely used it)

Otherwise, I am really really into the anime “Gintama” these days. One word : UNDERRATED! I have neglected all the dramas I had piled up, and just can’t stop watching it. I hardly get to watch a lot because of work, but still.. it’s so funny! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much watching something. The humor is just awesssoooomeee.. Although at times there’s this boyish humor in it, there’s also the times when it’s just plain hilarious to anyone.  The title means “Silver Soul“.. Soul likes that 8D.. But it’s also a play on words.. “Kintama” for instance, means “Balls of gold”.. ROFLOL.. So you can see how it’s a Shounen (male genre) anime. The words aren’t far off when it comes to pronunciation. They even joked around in one of the episodes, that the title was used in order to make it troublesome for the girls.

I must admit though, the English sub I found is not as precise as it should be. When I translate it on my own as I am watching it, I tend to do it differently sometimes. To be very honest, it sounds more correct, and even more funny that way. So I hope that people could  “understand it that way” as well. I hope the sub had been what they exactly said, instead of the “slang” equivalent of it from English.

Moving on…. I have been putting off this anime because I read online that it’s “episodic“, as in “a new story every episode”, but in reality it isn’t quite like that. Yes, the episodes usually contain a new happening every time, but there is a coherence in the flow of these. There are things you find out about the characters or the story specifically, which you would only be able to find in some episodes. By the flow, I mean that you’re introduced to new things, and you would have needed to have seen the previous episodes to know what’s going on ahead.

Anyway, I seriously recommend this anime if you like the “big four” (One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball). You will love it! Trust me. I was somehow expecting the main character to be a bit…. stupid? I have no clue why. Maybe because I knew it was a comedic anime. Still, the main character is really cool, haha. Not to mention the action scenes, they’re quite nice as well. I mean it’s a samurai anime after all! Doesn’t get cooler than that! So! Conclusion: Worth checking out, Soul recommends! 

I seriously died laughing after watching this clip:

Hope the post isn’t too confusing! Was really tired after work x_x..
I’ll edit it once I’m more awake xD..

– Soul.

Music Meme : Day 29

I am late! Sorry :/..
I also screwed up with the video link on day 28 ahahaha XD I was using wordpress on my tablet for the first time 😀


There are quite a few songs from my childhood :O.. Which one to picckkk?
Somehow I ended up on Card Captor Sakura. Waaah how nostalgic!
I used to love CCS songs when I was little, and I couldn’t even understand what they were singing back then. Which really makes me feel grateful towards my parents, because they introduced us to anime xD. Although… I sometimes think it was something inevitable anyway.

It was my sister, however, who introduced me to CCS. I was always amazed how detailed and pretty CLAMP (the authors) drawings were. How good the voice actresses and actors had been, and how nice the OST sounded. This was probably one of the newer and more thought-out Shoujo series.

Haha.. I remember how I would have to occasionally stop the video to read the subtitles if they were too long, and then play it again. Now… I hardly glance over them.

This is one of my favorite songs from the series. The lyrics are so sweet.

Tooi Kono Machi de (Far Away in this Town) by Kaiya Naomi (CC Sakura Movie OST) 

Sakura and Syaoran ❤

*Soulful Stardust.