Though They Say I’ve Gone Crazy, Just Can’t Get Enough~


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey don’t bring me down 😉
What’s up guys? Long time no see..I am here to grace you with my presence haha

Joking =_=

First of all.. I don’t know how to thank Dazzling Snowfall enough. She’s been sticking out with this like a champ ;).. The birthday post was soooo sooo sweet :)..
I can’t put it into words how happy it made me.. I miss you my dear friend 🙂
The Beyonce vocals totally won me over~

The Fight Ends Here..

A few days ago a very important lawsuit ended. Yepp.. Between, JYJ and SM entertainment. Both sides dropped charges. SME rep stated that “trio do not plan on becoming a part of TVXQ again”…

Siighhh I was quite disappointed to begin with. Imagining that there’s not even a slight chance for the ones who got me into Kpop to go back together.

At one side I feel happy for them, because at least now they’re living like they want to without restrictions… On the other side I feel like a great combination has been disrupted.
You know the feeling you have when you see completely compatible people not being able to be together.. heart breaking…

DB5K was like the total package…but best of all,
they could really sing..

Even so, I will always be a loyal Cassie.. be it TVXQ or JYJ.. In the end maybe one day it might just be DB5K again…

I wish them good luck!

This video always makes me so sad :(..

Always Keep The Faith.




She’s So Outta Control You Gotta Love The Way She… Wait… WTF?

Hello hello~

So this is a topic I have been meaning to write about for some time now, but somehow I kept forgetting about it…

When I first heard that m-flo and 2NE1 were going to collaborate on a track, I was SO very excited! They’re both two of my favorite groups, and for them to go together to make something.. It really is something worth expecting.

Basically, when the song came out, I wasn’t exactly blown away by it, but it grew on me pretty quickly, and it is indeed an awesome song!

HOWEVER… There is a huge problem with this release.. and trust me.. it’s not the song..
So naturally.. you would expect a super awesome music video if any were to exist. With both groups in it and all.. but.. NO. You’re not getting that.

Instead.. How about you enjoy some random cheerleaders that jump around with some awkward and creepy smiles on their faces. But don’t worry.. it doesn’t end here.. The music video is further graced with the absurdity of the cheerleaders exposing their different underwear.. and eventually ripping their skirts and tops off..

Thank you..
..for scarring me for life…


Like it?

– Soul.

Music Meme : Day 29

I am late! Sorry :/..
I also screwed up with the video link on day 28 ahahaha XD I was using wordpress on my tablet for the first time 😀


There are quite a few songs from my childhood :O.. Which one to picckkk?
Somehow I ended up on Card Captor Sakura. Waaah how nostalgic!
I used to love CCS songs when I was little, and I couldn’t even understand what they were singing back then. Which really makes me feel grateful towards my parents, because they introduced us to anime xD. Although… I sometimes think it was something inevitable anyway.

It was my sister, however, who introduced me to CCS. I was always amazed how detailed and pretty CLAMP (the authors) drawings were. How good the voice actresses and actors had been, and how nice the OST sounded. This was probably one of the newer and more thought-out Shoujo series.

Haha.. I remember how I would have to occasionally stop the video to read the subtitles if they were too long, and then play it again. Now… I hardly glance over them.

This is one of my favorite songs from the series. The lyrics are so sweet.

Tooi Kono Machi de (Far Away in this Town) by Kaiya Naomi (CC Sakura Movie OST) 

Sakura and Syaoran ❤

*Soulful Stardust.

Music Meme : Day 28


Lol.. this is a strange one.. Makes me feel guilty? LOL.. None?
I used to have songs that would make me uneasy, because I had listened to them when I had a slightly “dark period” in my life lol.. So you have this mentality of starting to “hate” things.. But I’m long since over that LOL.

Whatever it is. It’s always better to get over it.

So one of those songs that were new then and I listened to, and eventually started to get annoyed over was Flavor of Life by Utada Hikaru. Kind of ironic, but I love the song as well.. haha!

Could only find the acoustic version.


Music Meme : Day 25


Don’t Stop Me Now by m-flo feat. Akihiro Namba
Akihiro‘s accent is just epic. HAHA this song isn’t bad or anything, in fact I love m-flo a lot. The problem is usually when this song comes up on my iPod when I’m outside or something, and I can’t help but to slightly giggle to myself. It’s actually just the intro of the song that puts me a little off, but by the time Verbal enters and it gradually reaches the chorus, it becomes quite nice.

Here are some selected parts of the lyrics, haha:

(Intro) Waking up, spike my hair and wash my hands
Feel so bad cause I don’t like that guy on TV
I got my boots on, feeling like a man
Play me some punk rock
That’s all I need

Yesterday our damn prime minister said he’s gonna quit
(Can’t stop loving or believing
I don’t wanna run out of reasons…no)
Last night my favorite team didn’t win
(I’m gonna do it till the morning
I’m gonna rock to the to the to the…)


All I know is that I still don’t know the world
Feel so bad cause I just broke up with my girl
Check my phone, I feel like a loser no one called
I need punk rock
Don’t need that bitch

Yesterday I heard some countries started a war
(Can’t stop loving or believing
I don’t wanna run out of reasons…no)
Last night we all passed out on the floor
(I’m gonna do it till the morning
I’m gonna rock to the to the to the…)

To be fairly honest however, it’s actually a good song. They deliberately had someone with a strong accent sing those English parts, cuz let’s face it, have you heard Verbal‘s English? Akihiro is actually from a punk rock band called HI-Standard, where the members are all Japanese born, but their major releases are in English. For the song, I suppose it’s to give it some sense of “Japanification” because the song has this symbolism of “youth uprising”.

Which in return, is just keeping your identity intact.
Because well.. you know.. “Asians, we rise with the sun~”

Rebellious. I like it.

I also have this hunch that this is a song about getting together after the Tsunami earthquake last year. Hence the prime minister reference. Naoto Kan.. That’s too bad.

– Soul.

Music Meme : Day 23


You & I by Shota Shimizu
I am not really getting married anytime soon, so this isn’t something I have put my thoughts into :P..
Shota Shimizu is <3, H-O-N-E-S-T-L-Y.
And he has a lot of sweet songs. This song is just one of those, and I absolutely love it. The lyrics are so sweeeeeeet~ and his voice just matches perfectly. Aaaah.. *fangirl moment*.. HAHA…

Sadly.. the videos online have been taken down =_=..
Just my luck… Anyway I would also recommend “Kimi ga suki” (You’re the one I love/I love you) by him. So do check it out, It’s a beautiful song as well.

Otherwise I’d go for some 4MEN song, like “Love is..“.. Or, some DB5K song, or some song from a drama OST. Endless possibilities my friends.


Music Meme : Day 22

Hmm… maybe… Dear Friends” by TRIPLANE.
This is one of my most favorite songs of all time. Really. It’s that great to me. It might come off as a very simple song to a random listener,  but for me I feel like I’m connected to it.

The song doesn’t really make me sad though, but somehow I indulge into it. And although the lyrics seem simple on the surface, they’re really deep.

(Read the rest for the song, lyric translations and “Spoilers”.

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