How innocent are you really?


I just feel like I have to write this in the heat of the moment. It’s half past midnight…

I finished watching the drama Innocent man at this very moment! This drama was one of the dramas I considered watching and then forgot all about its existence. I recently re-discovered it and decided to try my luck! I have to be honest; I’m a rom-com kinda girl. Melo’s are usually not my cup of tea, but the plot is usually what sells it for me…

I was sold.

What I liked about this drama was the solid plot. The story is extremely complex and intriguing. I wanted to get to know the characters more and more. They were all riddles I wanted to solve. I remember watching it and thinking: wow, this drama is really an onion! The layers simply never stop.

Another thing that I liked was the fact that even the “bad” people in this drama weren’t really that bad! I think that the main reason for that was because we slowly, but surely, found out why they did what they did. We find compassion in a hopeless place. I found myself not being able to hate the hateful, but rather pity and forget.

This drama made me think of how short life is. How we take a happy healthy life for granted. Life is truly precious. Honestly, it made me tear up a bit, but hey! That could just be my emotionally unstable ass 😛

So far you might think that it’s an extremely serious drama; trust me….


Lol, don’t worry! There are a lot of fun moments in the drama and heartwarming moments as well. All in all; a drama you shouldn’t miss out on 😉

[Dazzling Snowfall]




I didn’t go to school…

Hello loveliiiiies ❤


It’s been a little while, huh? There were a lot of times that I considered posting, but I just felt like I had nothing to say, really. I have actually been watching a couple of dramas, I’m just struggling with the finishing parts 😛 I’ll have a couple of reviews up not too long from now 😉

I’m still not head over heels for any dramas. It’s beeeeen what, almost a year now? And I still have not made a treasure found! O.O soooo disappointed in myself. I can’t recall any good dramas after King 2 hearts and Rooftop prince. Trust me, I have come to the conclusion that it’s me. There is something wrong with me and not the dramas. 😛 Just to say it like this; if I ever make a flawless review of a drama that I thought was INCREDIBLE, you’re in for a TREAT… no lie O_O

Other then my kdrama issues, there’s school. -______- and all the fun and love that follows!… sometimes, I feel like jumping…


I have no idea what you were picturing o.O

Stay in school!

Until next time 😉 ~

[Dazzling Snowfall]

Some Things Take Time…


Hey everyone!
Long time no see, huh.. I feel so bad!… I see Dazz has put up some interesting posts 🙂

(I love this song! Especially when he says “geuman annyeong~”)

I have been so busy the past few months, it feels surreal. Buuut.. I think I got the hang of this now, so I’m hoping to come back and post a few times here and there..

So today.. I have been procrastinating like there’s no tomorrow.. haha.. and to my delight I have a quiz in around 6 hours.. Psyiigh~

Anyway.. So today I watched “Flower Boy Next Door“!.. I have been curious about this drama for a while now because of the cast [Park Shin Hye and Yoon Shi Yoon], so I thought I’d check it out. I have finished 10 episodes, and what I can conclude on.. is that it’s a cute drama..

It doesn’t escalate all that quickly or have you sitting on the edge of your chair all the time.. but it’s a cute story if you are bored one day and feel like watching something simple. HOWEVER.. I don’t know if it was my enthusiasm or what.. haha but I thought that it was quite funny.. There were several moments where I had a good laugh!

The first ending theme xD.. it reminds me of an anime opening or something, but I like it.

Do check it out in your spare time, if you haven’t. It’s the next production after “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” and “Shut Up Flower Boy Band”.

Untill we “meet” again 😉

– Soul.

Though They Say I’ve Gone Crazy, Just Can’t Get Enough~


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey don’t bring me down 😉
What’s up guys? Long time no see..I am here to grace you with my presence haha

Joking =_=

First of all.. I don’t know how to thank Dazzling Snowfall enough. She’s been sticking out with this like a champ ;).. The birthday post was soooo sooo sweet :)..
I can’t put it into words how happy it made me.. I miss you my dear friend 🙂
The Beyonce vocals totally won me over~

The Fight Ends Here..

A few days ago a very important lawsuit ended. Yepp.. Between, JYJ and SM entertainment. Both sides dropped charges. SME rep stated that “trio do not plan on becoming a part of TVXQ again”…

Siighhh I was quite disappointed to begin with. Imagining that there’s not even a slight chance for the ones who got me into Kpop to go back together.

At one side I feel happy for them, because at least now they’re living like they want to without restrictions… On the other side I feel like a great combination has been disrupted.
You know the feeling you have when you see completely compatible people not being able to be together.. heart breaking…

DB5K was like the total package…but best of all,
they could really sing..

Even so, I will always be a loyal Cassie.. be it TVXQ or JYJ.. In the end maybe one day it might just be DB5K again…

I wish them good luck!

This video always makes me so sad :(..

Always Keep The Faith.



I feel…


Sorry for not posting regularly! As I mentioned earlier, dramas are not really my number one priority right now. If my calculations are correct; I’ll be done with my exams in two weeks!! You can look forward to some ScrambledAeg-yo SWAG just about then 😛 I’ll try to post as often as possible and watch as much K-dramas as I possibly can when that time comes! We need to see some action on this blog, right? Things are going too slow lately and Soulful Stardust is M.I.A so we’ll see when she decides to grace us with her presence 😉

I’ll try to be better! When that time comes; I’ll show you 😛

Till then ~

Deuces (Y)

[Dazzling Snowfall]

Happy birthday to you ~

Oh, who do we have here?! O.O

He wanted to, gurl… I couldn’t stop him!

First, I want to start by singing you a happy birthday. All you need to do is imagine me standing right in front of you with a yummy looking birthday cake. (For the record; I’m hitting the vocals like Beyonce) Here I go ~

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to SS

Happy birthday to you 

Now you need to imagine yourself blowing out the candles and make a wish!





Now, all you need to do is listen to what I have to say 😛

We made a promise to each other, that we would be able to wish each other happy birthday no matter where we are in the world. I really hold this promise dearly. I really wish we could have shared our birthdays together, but most likely; we won’t. Still there are so many stars to see, so many jokes to tell, so many dreams to reach, so many hopes to race, so many blessings to count. I won’t forget to count my blessings; and you are one of them ❤

Thank you for being such an awesome person 😛

I wanted to end off with a birthday song, but since I already had the guts to sing personally *arrogant face* – I just feel like any other birthday song would just ruin the mood after my deadly vocals! I guess I’ll just end off with a good song that we both like, from a group that we both love ❤

Niga neomu gomapjanha

[Dazzling Snowfall)

What is your heart beating for?


Funny story…

I was randomly searching in my shelf for something when I came across this piece of paper. The title was; “What is your heart  beating for?” I suddenly recalled how I came to write it…

Soulful Stardust and myself were watching the teasers of 2pm‘s Heartbeat. Each member had their own teaser where they explained what their heart was beating for. I was so intrigued by the question and it made me wonder… What is my heart beating?

I gave Soulful Stardust homework. She was to go home and write down what her heart was beating for and so would I. Till this day I have yet to see that piece of paper -__-

Well, this is what I wrote:

Life.Love. Happiness. When I think of how extraordinary life can be with love and happiness; I feel my heart racing to its own pace. A pace that reflects reassurance of the ultimate bliss.

So let me ask you; What is your heart beating for?

[Dazzling Snowfall]