Who is the fairest of them all?

In the sense of being fair and unfair.. certainly not me.. ahahaha.. Dare I laugh it off?


“I have been so busy the past few months, it feels surreal. Buuut.. I think I got the hang of this now, so I’m hoping to come back and post a few times here and there..”

Oh God, why did I claim the “unclaimable”… (Shh that’s a word). See how I got the hang of it all? And see how I posted a few times here and there? I am so talented.. Gosh.. I always knew I had it in me.

Alright then, now that I cleared that off, here goes to a better start~

What’s up guys!
It’s been a while like usual. Sorry for neglecting this place so badly. My university life is so overwhelming that I struggle keeping up with stuff! Siiiiigh..

Let’s hope things change from now on.

I downloaded the KBS World app a while back, and boy am I glad I did. I loveeee having this channel. Especially as a student with no TV at the moment.

So thanks to this app, I am currently watching Good Doctor..
I gotta say, this drama is quite good. I really like it thus far. I really like dramas that have a very realistic story line, yet are unique and unimaginable at the same time. If that makes any sense to you. Joo Won has done such a great job. I knew he was a good actor, but damn….He is doing very very very good. I can’t stress that enough.

The concept is brilliant.. but until I am done, I can’t have a final say on the overall drama.
Do check it out as well! I’ll put up the preview for some insight.

Ciao for now~

Yepp kids.. He’s a doc! ;)..


I was scammed…


I recently saw the drama The wedding scheme. In my opinion; the whole drama was a scheme!

I started watching this drama because of the title “The wedding scheme” and the description “A mother of four daughters and the president of a kimchi factory decides to embark on a grand marriage scheme for her children… by having them cohabitate with four eligible bachelors.” I wanted to watch something cute and lovey-dovey, so of course, this seemed like the perfect drama!

I was wrong….

But I don’t want this review to be misleading! The drama was good and cute, but the way the drama was advertised and the actual drama just doesn’t fit. The drama is about a mother with four daughters. The mother is the president of a kimchi factory. The factory is not doing well, so they move out of their beautiful home to a less extravagant one and they gain three male tenants who will live with them. The main focus is on one of the daughters who works at the food division of a company that the mother highly dislikes. The daughter is trying to make her mothers kimchi because the CEO of the company loves it and wants to sell it. But her mother is trying everything in her power to not make that happen. Also, the son of the CEO is in the same food division as the daughter and will also become one of the tenants. We know where this is going. (Highly predictable :P)

This is why I say that the drama itself is misleading. The drama is mainly focused on the kimchi factory and the company. 80% of their conversation was; kimchi, kimchi, kimchi. I swear, I almost dreamt about kimchi. 


Lol, I’m turning into a nutcase. But yes, the mother does say in one episode that whoever marries first will inherit the factory, but nobody seemed too bothered about it. None of the daughters felt like they had to rush to get married or felt any particular pressure. There is no rivalry between the sisters so it’s a pretty peaceful drama. But I do feel like this drama gave me nothing of what I expected. So even though I still laughed really loud at some parts and smiled at the end of the last episode…..

I still feel scammed!

[Dazzling Snowfall]



Diamonds in the dirt

Hey Beauties! Not too long ago I was actually searching for good korean dramas that people had watched. I came to realize something – I was not surprised! I read list after list and most of them had the same dramas! So I came up with this idea; why not make a Top 10 underrated Korean Dramas list? Just to freshen things up a bit 😉 I guess there is only one thing to say then…lets-go-and-be-adventurers-wallpaper

A little disclaimer would be that these are not my all time favorite dramas! These dramas will be my top 10 favorite underrated dramas; or diamonds in the dirt, as I like to call them 😀

NR 10 

Can you hear my heart

Can You Hear My Heart wallpaper

This drama has excitement, romance, passion, deceite, revenge and so much more in it! You wouldn’t believe it from just the wallpaper. But more than anything – It’s heartwarming. More than words can describe. Truly enjoyed watching it and I’m very suprised that more people haven’t got this drama as one of the “good” dramas they’ve seen!

NR 9

My love by my side


This is probably the longest drama I’ve seen. If I remeber correctly, it had 50 episodes. I would call this a traditional family drama. By that I mean, we meet and get to know more people than we usually would in a “regular” drama. Nonetheless, this drama was ridiculous! Ridiculously good! I have to admit, no matter how good it was, I still wished it was shorter, but I don’t regret watching it at all! I have never, and I repeat, NEVER hated someone as much as I hated one of the mothers. If you see or have seen the drama, you will know EXACTLY who I’m talking about. HAHA! But on a serious note, this drama has some serious tension and a GREAT plot. Trust me!

NR 8

Tamna the Island


Oh, come joy!! You have no idea how much FUN I had watching this drama. If you’re looking for something funny, interesting, unique and cute; then this is the drama for you. I still can’t understand why so many people haven’t heard of it or given it a chance. This drama was a treat for me!

NR 7

Creating destiny


Just looking at this poster makes me happy 😀 I would call this a traditional family drama as well considering the fact that we meet a lot of couples and their love stories as well. But I would on no note compare this drama to “My love by my side”. This drama is strictly happiness 😛 The issues that occur are minor and you won’t hate anyone, but when it comes to loving anyone, I can’t promise you anything there haha! Hands down one of the most heartwarming and cutest drama I’ve ever seen. 100 % L.E.G.I.T

NR 6

City hall


This drama is so special to me O_O I can’t really explain it, it’s just a feeling I get when I watch it. But this drama has true aspects of comedy and romance. It’s such a beautiful mixture. I laughed soooo hard and at the same time I was in love haha! And I have mentioned earlier on another post that the main couple have an extremely strong connection. Almost to the point where you feel like you’re intruding in their personal life. I’m so happy to have found this drama. Don’t be scared by the dramas name. Politics is only their surrounding, but their love is the driving force. Exceptional!

NR 5

Smile you


This drama is so cute -_- To the point where I almost started to dislike my own life haha! I really enjoyed it though. I got really attached to both families and their situation. STILL can’t believe why this drama is not popular! I understand that it has around 40- something episodes, but hey, sometimes that’s what you have to sacrifice in order to experience a good drama 😛 Absoloutely adorable and veeeery close to my heart!

NR 4

The greatest love


This drama might not be as underrated as the other dramas here, but still, it deserves more props! I cannot explain in words how much I LAUGHED MY BUTT OFF during this drama. I think that this drama and Wild Romance need a battle to figure out which one is funnier. I seriously don’t know. All I remember is having tears in my eyes. The amount of ridiculous scenes in this drama is crazy! But they still manage to have a pretty interesting and great plot! This drama really succeeded in sooo many ways! Complexity, I guess you can say 😉

NR 3

Stars falling from the sky


Okay, what? This drama is… I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it! I seriously felt stupid when I finished it. Like how could I ever have missed out on such a good drama? Granted, it’s been years now, so I don’t know if my “experienced drama eyes” will find it as good as it once was, but trust me! I LOVED it!! When I say love, I mean that this drama would probably be in my top 10 favorite dramas of all time!

NR 2



We’ve already talked about this haha! This drama is crazy. I can’t go into detail cause I might just end this post and go watch it 😛 This is my all time favorite historical drama, right next to Hong Gil Dong and Iljimae, which both by the way are AMAZING! The reason why Chuno shocks me more than other underrated dramas is because it’s a great drama for both girls AND boys. So one would think that this drama would fly off the roof! But it didn’t and I find that odd. The soundtrack is also one thing that amazed me. It’s the first time I have actually payed attention the the OST as it was probably one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard. Especially the fighting scenes. Speechless.

NR 1

I’ts okay, daddy’s girls


Here we have it. My number 1 favorite underrated korean drama! This drama found a safe place in my heart and I haven’t been able to let it go ever since. It’s so precious that I haven’t even recommended this drama to my close friends. I feel like it’s mine or something haha, so consider yourself lucky 😛 This drama took me away to another world, and I sometimes escape to visit it. It was beautiful, I can’t really say anything else. I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I fell in love. More than anything; it was a true diamond in the dirt..

There you have my little list! I hope you enjoyed it 😉

Till next time


[Dazzling Snowfall]

How innocent are you really?


I just feel like I have to write this in the heat of the moment. It’s half past midnight…

I finished watching the drama Innocent man at this very moment! This drama was one of the dramas I considered watching and then forgot all about its existence. I recently re-discovered it and decided to try my luck! I have to be honest; I’m a rom-com kinda girl. Melo’s are usually not my cup of tea, but the plot is usually what sells it for me…

I was sold.

What I liked about this drama was the solid plot. The story is extremely complex and intriguing. I wanted to get to know the characters more and more. They were all riddles I wanted to solve. I remember watching it and thinking: wow, this drama is really an onion! The layers simply never stop.

Another thing that I liked was the fact that even the “bad” people in this drama weren’t really that bad! I think that the main reason for that was because we slowly, but surely, found out why they did what they did. We find compassion in a hopeless place. I found myself not being able to hate the hateful, but rather pity and forget.

This drama made me think of how short life is. How we take a happy healthy life for granted. Life is truly precious. Honestly, it made me tear up a bit, but hey! That could just be my emotionally unstable ass 😛

So far you might think that it’s an extremely serious drama; trust me….


Lol, don’t worry! There are a lot of fun moments in the drama and heartwarming moments as well. All in all; a drama you shouldn’t miss out on 😉

[Dazzling Snowfall]



To the beautiful you – kind of…

SS has already done a review on this drama when it was about to air. I have decided to give my personal opinion after actually watching the drama.

Aigoo, where to start? Should I be brutally honest or just honest? Alright, I’ll be honest.


The truth is, the whole “girl disguising herself as a boy –  while being surrounded by only boys – and someone liking her thinking that they’re gay when they’re really not” is used. Very used. I’ll give in to this drama since it’s suppose to be the korean version of Hana Kimi. I will let it go solely based on that reason. I wouldn’t have been this nice If this was a regular drama that wasn’t based on a manga.

I’ll be honest. I used to FEED off of dramas like these. Cute high school dramas with cliché scenes was my daily bread! But now, It’s like having twelve spoons of sugar in my coffee instead of two -____-

I will say this though, the drama is well made. The acting is good and the storyline makes you want more. What more does a drama need, you ask? It needs an attractive and intriguing concept! If a drama lacks those two things, it really does not matter how good the drama is made. It will still have a huge hole.

I am sure that this drama will come to many people’s liking. A cute drama with a few Kpop idols thrown in there, what’s not to like? I’m just making this review for the more critical Kdrama watchers that expect more these days! 😛 I feel like it’s just a too safe of a bet. This drama is bound to be popular because it’s Hana Kimi with Kpop idols. I can’t blame SM entertainment. I would probably have done the same. Go for something safe. But there’s a reason why I respect JYP more for actually throwing themselves out there with Dream high. Something we had never seen. Something we had never heard of.

Anywhooooo, that was my two cents on To the beautiful you. Well, kind of. More like fifteen cents if you ask me (-_-)’. It’s still a pretty decent drama though. Check it out if it’s your type of drama. 😀


[Dazzling Snowfall]

[Soul] K-Movie Review : “You’re My Pet”

Hey there peeps!
I was assuming Dazzling Snowfall would write a review on this as well. So the title is to distinguish the two. This way you’ll get two opinions.

So I just recently got the chance to watch this movie. It was quite random actually, but I will not leave out the fact that I really wanted to watch it. Prior to the movie, I did not see the trailer, so now that I have seen it, I am kind of like.. “Suuure O_O”.. Oops~ not trying to ruin it for ya there ;P.. Just kidding. Don’t worry.

Quick Plot
The movie is based on a Japanese manga and there was also a Japanese drama on this. It’s about a professional woman, Ji-Eun-Yi(Kim Hanuel), who is pouring her life into work. She eventually gets herself a human pet “Momo“(Jang Geun Seuk). The story basically follows the life of Eun-Yi, how she manages her image and work, her life with co-workers and the ideal boyfriend, and how she must keep her human pet a secret, and well.. I guess you can tell from the trailer what else happens…

The Good and the Strange
The movie is cute. It has some cute moments that make you give off a little “aaaw”.. but the concept to me was quite strange. 30 minutes into the movie, I literally thought to myself “What the hell am I watching?”. Now I would understand if their “relationship” as master and pet would eventually evolve. But it’s like “Momo” has no dignity and is all puppy-face from the start. She is also quick on accepting this “pet”.. and it’s all kind of strange.

(Might have minor spoilers)
Ok.. you get to know that she is “considering a pet”. Fine. He initiates on becoming a pet. Fine. Still the whole concept falls strangely into place. I do understand why things happen the way that they do, but Momo is still partly confusing. If he doesn’t want to work with women, how can he become a pet like this?!..Or did I just miss something.. I don’t know..

Anyway, the scene development and the camera work is also confusing at times. There’s not a very precise coherence or flow in how everything falls into place, in other words.. the cinematography is at times messy.

Conclusion (No Spoiler)
Personally, I thought that it was a weird movie. Weird because I’m not a sucker for things that become cheesy and “sticky”.. LOL.. Which is all I can think of when I see “Momo”.. Like.. literally.. is he a dog?.. It could have been scripted and made much better, still it’s not half bad either. I recommend it if you’re in a mood for a “simple” movie, which runs quite moderately, and with nothing that really makes you jump up from your seat. It is cute and at times funny, so props for that!

3 out of 6 for me 🙂

– Soulful Stardust

She’s So Outta Control You Gotta Love The Way She… Wait… WTF?

Hello hello~

So this is a topic I have been meaning to write about for some time now, but somehow I kept forgetting about it…

When I first heard that m-flo and 2NE1 were going to collaborate on a track, I was SO very excited! They’re both two of my favorite groups, and for them to go together to make something.. It really is something worth expecting.

Basically, when the song came out, I wasn’t exactly blown away by it, but it grew on me pretty quickly, and it is indeed an awesome song!

HOWEVER… There is a huge problem with this release.. and trust me.. it’s not the song..
So naturally.. you would expect a super awesome music video if any were to exist. With both groups in it and all.. but.. NO. You’re not getting that.

Instead.. How about you enjoy some random cheerleaders that jump around with some awkward and creepy smiles on their faces. But don’t worry.. it doesn’t end here.. The music video is further graced with the absurdity of the cheerleaders exposing their different underwear.. and eventually ripping their skirts and tops off..

Thank you..
..for scarring me for life…


Like it?

– Soul.