Love is subjective

– and so are the decisions we make in life…


Hi *shy face*

It’s been a minute.

Let’s leave it at that.

I felt… inspired, which is why I’m posting today. I finished watching the drama¬†Seoyeong, my daughter¬†a couple of hours ago. It’s a family drama of 50 episodes that aired in 2012/2013. It’s funny how you can read about a drama for years and then just finally get the guts to watch it. Family dramas are an investment! You have to give it more time to shine compared to other shorter dramas. You can’t expect to be hooked right away.

I did though.

This drama is such a lovely story. The message of mistakes, forgiveness, love and understanding is universal. It really pulled at my heartstrings. I love dramas that look at the complexity of human beings.

And the juice of it all, of course, are the cute couples. One thing that I absolutely adore about family dramas is that the main couple’s story is not the only story. We follow other couples that meet, fall in love and have troubles as well. It’s so refreshing. You’re not just let into one household, but many. I love it!

The girl I found annoying became loveable. The man I found frustrating became caring. The woman I found depressing became pitiful and relatable, and the man I found unreasonable I fell in love with.

Sometimes we forget that humans are 4D.



[Dazzling Snowfall]