Who is Dazzling Snowfall?

At first you might think she’s an innocent and laid back girl. She seems quiet and very sweet, but don’t be mistaken little fellow, don’t be mistaken.They say wolfs walk around in sheep’s clothing after all.

For some reason, quitting dramas when there are two episodes left, gives her mental pleasure. However, the hopeless romantic that she is, she would probably squeeze the juice out of any good series out there.

Moreover, She gets awfully jealous when my smartness overpowers hers :(. It’s okay though, we are all allowed to dream! ❤

Haha, jokes aside though, DSF is like your walking encyclopedia when it comes to Kdramas. Good enough to make auntie Wiki jealous! 😉
She’s also very talented at writing, whether it be a simple blog post, or amazing poetry.
It’s like Shakespeare got himself some swag, but only better you know? You don’t need no translations for this sh*t!

– Soulful Stardust


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